Every country has traditional meals that have modified their cuisine that is consumed all over the world. What are the dishes which changed America? Some of the meals you will find on the list may not be popular worldwide, but they have definitely played a role in American culture. Are you hungry? Let’s check out these 11 tasty meals over the course of history.

1. Hot Dog – 1916

The inventor of hot dog, one of the most famous meals in the States, was German immigrant Nathan Handwerker. He was a low-level employee at Feltman’s German Gardens on Coney Island.

Initially, hot dogs were two expensive – 10 cents – and he was Nathan was challenged to improve its quality and reduce the price to 5 cents, which he did and that was how the original hot dog was made, and Feltman’s became famous around the country.

To get the facts straight, hot dogs already existed, but that was the point when it went worldwide, and that is why this man is considered to be the “inventor.”


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