One of the most interesting treats and sweets is the ice cream sandwich. There is one interesting version of it and its called the lotti. People from Singapore love it. You can make this by having your ice cream sandwich on the colorful bread. The bread is also going to be sweet, which is going to boost the flavor. Today, we are going to tell you how to make it.

1) You will need a sweet dough first

The choice is yours here. We are going to suggest you that you take a sweet white bread route, but the choice is yours. Desert bread is also going to work, but this might be a bit too sweet for some people, so you need to be careful with that.

2) Put a color in your dough

Separate it into a couple of pieces and then add the color of your choosing. You are going to keep mixing until you see that it’s enough.

3) Braiding the dough

Now you have colored it. The next step is to roll out each piece and make a braid out of it. When you finish, make sure you put the dough in a Dutch oven or in an oiled bread pan.

4) Baking

Of course, it is baking time. You want to keep it in the oven until you see that the crust has gotten a bit golden. The flavor is going to depend on the length of baking, so you want to experiment with that. After it is done, wait until it cools off.

5) Cutting and serving time

When the bread is all cooled off and finished, you can cut it any way you want to and serve it. Some people like when it’s still a bit warm, while the others are going to wait a bit until they try the new treat that they made. Again, you want to try both of the variations so you can find out which one is your favorite!


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