Have you ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth II eats? With the Royal Wedding behind us, it is time to look for the eating habits of English Queen. Queen Elizabeth II has a special menu, according to Royal chef Darren McGrady. Her healthy diet is something you might follow if you are eating too many carbs. If McGrady is to be believed, the queen had to be careful at the wedding. Or she just had a special menu. Here are some of the dishes the Queen never eats.


Because of the starch factor, Queen Elizabeth II refuses to eat potatoes. Even though potatoes can be good for your body, it is not something you will see on Queen’s plate.

Rare Meat

If you believe that eating a rare steak makes you look sophisticated, you are wrong. The English Queen avoids this meal. According to McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II likes to have her steak and other types of meat well done.

White Eggs

One of queen’s favorite dishes is scrambled eggs with salmon and truffle. However, it is not the white eggs she is seating – it is the brown ones. According to The Guardian, she things the brown eggs taste much better.

Garlic and Onions

Her Majesty is often meeting Presidents and High official, and that is the reason she avoids eating garlic and onions. Even though this is quite healthy, we fully understand why garlic and onions are not on Queen’s menu.

Bread Crust

Believe it or not, but the Queen likes to eat bread. However, she prefers if the edges are cut before the tea sandwiches are served. Former Royal chef Owen Hodgson told The Telegraph: “A chef told me off for serving the sandwiches with crusts.” As for the tuna sandwiches, the Queen likes them buttered from both sides whereas the ingredients used are a tuna and mayonnaise mix, thin slices of cucumber and a dash of pepper. This must be quite delicious.

Out of season Fruit

The Queen loves to eat with the season. And this is something we recommend you should do it as well. In other words, if a particular fruit doesn’t grow in that season, she will not touch it. McGrady told RecipesPlus: “You can send strawberries every day to The Queen during summer at Balmoral and she’ll never say a word. Try including strawberries on the menu in January, and she’ll scrub out the line and say don’t dare send me genetically modified strawberries.”

Whole Bananas

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t like to eat bananas like the other people with not so royal blood. Firstly, she cuts the top and bottom of the banana with her fork and knife. After that, she peels the banana and then cuts it into smaller pieces. The next step is eating these pieces, and she uses a fork for that.

Sweetened Tea

Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling England for a long time, and she never loved sugar in her tea, according to BT. Apparently, she likes her tea to be natural, but like a good Englishwomen, she adds a bit of milk!


Last but not least, Queen Elizabeth II avoids starches. In other words, you will not see her eat pasta at all. Instead of that, she prefers a big salad, grilled fish or chicken, and vegetables as a side dish.

While these meals are included in the life of common people, the Queen avoids them. Who knows, maybe this is the secret to her long life? If she keeps eating healthy, she will live over 100 years – that is for sure!


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