#6 Reduces the risks of hearth diseases

Thanks to the high amount of vitamin E, regular consumption of nuts is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, according to an observatory study. Thanks to the fact that Almond milk is 1% oil by weight, around 90% of which is unsaturated. Oleic acid, the main fatty acid in almond oil, gives you a lot of beneficial changes in blood lipids, which eventually lead to reduced risk of heart disease. According to one of the studies, if you consume 66 grams of almonds or almond oil every day for six weeks reduced their levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol by 6% and triglycerides by 14%, as well as increased their “good” HDL cholesterol by 6%. Vitamin E, which almonds are loaded with, helps here as well. Thanks to its ability to protect lipids against oxidation it reduces the levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol (risk factor for heart disease).



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