Trainer Peter Monge put together her workout routine

A person who put together Trump’s workout routine is Peter Monge, the founder of NYFitness. Ivanka said: “When I’m in [New York City], I like to work out at the gym in my building. My trainer, Peter Monge, put together a workout program for me.”

Ivanka respects her readers and admirers, and she will go through a similar workout program with Monge that is “exclusively for [her] readers” to follow. It is a “total-body workout that will strengthen the core while focusing on movements that use as many muscles as possible to increase heart rate, burn more calories, and speed up the metabolism.”

The routine includes everything you want from a workout. There is strength training in combination with conditioning, cardio, balance, and coordination. According to the plan, you should “do your cardio 2 to 4 times a week, alternating with strength-training days.”


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