What to do with the little wine left at the bottom of the bottle? Do not throw it away, because you can use it in many ways. Let’s see what we can do instead of throwing it away.

1. Make wine vinegar

Pour the remains of red wine in a bottle and let it stay for a couple of weeks. Do not close the bottle and stir from time to time. Without any additions, the wine will go to vinegar after a couple of weeks.

2. Supplement of soup and broth

To add a special “taste” of chicken or beef soup or broth, add a little white wine to it. The tomato broth perfectly matches with the red wine. While cooking, add half a glass or a glass of wine and get a brand new, but better, taste of old dishes.

3. Poach fruit

If you are in a hurry, but you need a dessert, this is the perfect way to quickly make one. In black wine, in which you add sugar, shake (shortly) apples, pears, peaches or plums.

After that, it is necessary for the fruit to stay for ten minutes in the juice obtained. After 10 minutes, take it out, decorate with whipped cream and delicious dessert is ready.

4. Make the perfect omelette

When preparing the omelette, add any type of white wine to the eggs (one spoon for two eggs). Beat it well and pour on boiling oil. You will get a perfect, “airy” omelette.

5. Freeze wine leftovers

Pour the wine into the ice tray and freeze. You can later use it for wine cooling or as an addition to the food when cooking.

6. Make a salad dressing

Mix white wine, vinegar, olive oil, onion, mustard and a little sugar. Beat well and get the perfect salad dressing.

7. The trap for flies

You can’t get rid of boring flies that roam around your head day after day? Leave the bottle with quite a bit of wine in the place where you find the most of them. The smell of wine will attract them and when they enter the bottle they will no longer be able to get out of it.



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