Eating healthy doesn’t have to be such a terrifying experience. A lot of people associate healthy eating with eliminating all kinds of foods from their diet, which doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, some of the groceries are preventing us from losing weight, but there are some of the things you can eat until you burst, without the worry of gaining weight.

15. Popcorn

It is one of the best and most enjoyable snacks. Make them without butter and sugar, and you don’t have to worry about quantity.

14. Citrus

You should restrain from eating a lot of fruit when you are on a diet, but citruses are the exception. They are great for your skin as well as digestion.

13. Eggs

Eggs are delicious, and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. You can prepare them for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a large variety of ways. If you want an even healthier meal, remove the egg yolk.

12. Watermelon and melon

Watermelons and melons are great for eliminating the excess of fluids from your body. That is why you can eat these two as much as you want. However, you will visit your bathroom often if you eat too much, so be prepared to get up every now and then.

11. Apples

One apple per day is great for our body and digestion regulation.

10. Plums

On the other hand, plums are rich in Vitamin C and Potassium, plus they are delicious. You can combine plums and apples, and they can be a great snack!

9. Cucumber

Although it is not the best vegetable out there, it is perfect for all of those who want to lose weight. You can eat cucumbers as a salad or add a few slices to the water you are drinking.

8. Broccoli, Cabbage, and Cauliflower

These are your allies in your fight against extra pounds. Their caloric intake is close to zero!

7. Beet salad

Besides being tasty, beet salad is one of your best friends when you want to lose weight. They will help you burn down the fat, and they are excellent for your blood.

6. Celery

If you need to eat something between two meals, replace your favorite snacks with celery sticks. Just like some other vegetables on this list, celery doesn’t contain a lot of calories which is what you need when you want to slim down.

5. Eggplant

Eggplant is a really tasty vegetable. It can be prepared on multiple ways, and you can grill it or bake it. The greatest thing about eggplant is that you can eat it for as long as you desire without worrying too much about gaining weight.

4. Pineapple

Everybody loves pineapple. It is delicious and refreshing, which makes it perfect for the summer months. However, pineapple can be consumed throughout the whole year and since it contains low calories, you can enjoy it with feeling guilty.

3. Salad

Salads are usually considered as a side dish but they can be our main meal as well. Adding some other ingredients would suffice it, but avoid ketchup, mayo and the other dressings which increase the number of calories.

2. Currants and Cranberries

These are a perfect snack, and you can add them to your salad as well. They are almost calorie-free, and they are rich in Vitamin C. Just like watermelons, they also facilitate fluid ejection. Only you will not have to run to the toiler.

1. Algae

They stimulate thyroid gland functions, and they keep the healthy level of hormones. Eating algae means that gaining weight will be much more difficult.

We want you to know that these are all healthy foods which you can enjoy in high quantities. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to eat anything too much, no matter how healthy it may be.


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