Food Trends in 2018

Every year is different and new meals keep getting made. Some of them are weird and funny, whereas the other stick around with us and become a part of the global cuisine. Thanks to the internet we can learn about foods from all parts of the world and make them in our own kitchen. Let’s check out what some of the meals are and which will be common in the upcoming months.

Gut-friendly food

We are becoming more aware of the food we eat on a daily basis and how it makes us feel, records BBC Good Food. This is a good thing because our diets are going to become healthier and people will not just overeat all the time. Moreover we pay attention to when we eat and thus, late-night eating is slowly becoming thing of the past. Mindful eating will be a heavily-used term this year and in the years to come and some of the gut-unfriendly foods include yogurt, kefir, cultured soy milk, kvass and their usage will be reduced.

Purple food

Purple food is becoming more popular, and things like eggplant, grapes, and plums are always good for your stomach. Moreover, winter berries and elderberries will be found on the store shelves, and they will reach your plate more often this year.

New types of coffee

Vegan Food and Living shows that new types of coffee will become a new trend and most of them are caffeine-free. Instead of regular coffee, we will be drinking green tea, matcha tea, beetroot, green algae and turmeric and these are only some of the substitutes.


Sriracha sauce is at the table of every house which has hot food lovers. This can be replaced with a much healthier gochujang. Don’t worry, this is nothing extravagant – it is just a fermented chili paste which is popular in Korean dishes and you can add this spicy ingredient to everything.

Adult Soft Drinks and Craft Sodas

Soft drinks and craft sodas are losing their popularity with the increase of awareness and self-consciousness of what we eat. However, beverages are getting rid of bad reputations, and according to USA Today, their popularity is on the rise again. There is a high chance you will see lavender and hibiscus sodas on your Instagram.

Alternate proteins

More and more people are opting for the proteins from plants instead of meat proteins and meals that are based around lentils, black beans and tofu are gaining popularity. According to One Green Planet, spirulina and other algae will become used a lot more in the future. Also, proteins from insects are on a jump, and we could already see you protesting.

Fermented foods

In 2018, fermented foods are going to be quite a trend. You can prepare summer vegetables for the winter months, and this is an action more people get on board with.

The fourth meal

So far, we have had three meals during the day with small bites between those meals. However, people around the world are becoming to adapt and have a fourth meal as well. It has appeared due to irregular schedules, and it is a sort of formalized snack, but this is not the full meal but something that would help feel the emptiness in your stomach.

Cannabis Cuisine

With more and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, the meals made of this plant are going to spread around the world. Meals made with cannabis have been served for some times, but it is becoming a trend.


If you are not familiar with pandan, it is because it has yet to spread around the Western world. It is a plant used by the ancient countries, and it has been praised for its health benefits for a long time. It is highly lightly that you will see this plant popping up on your social media feed.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is not pretty at all, but it is packed with calcium and nutrients which are good for your body. The companies are promoting this lumpy spread despite the fact that smells like your dirty socks. Even though it has been produced for a long time, cottage cheese is getting its five minutes of fame this year.

Grains and pseudo grains

You are already familiar with grains and pseudo grains and but their variety is only going to spread. According to Bold Business, grains such as amaranth, einkorn, teff, millet, and kamut are going to become the next quinoa.


Butter is something every household has, and for a while, margarine was quite big. However, all of them will be pushed out by ghee, which is the new version of butter. It has no casein, and all that it left is butterfat, which is perfect for every meal.


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