Although many people call themselves gourmets, there are some foods even they would back out on. Just thinking of it would make you want to vomit, but in some parts of the world, they are listed as a part of traditional cuisine. However, we can only speak our mind once we have tried such meals, but we are not talking about snails or frogs. These meals are far more serious.

1. Dried puffin

Puffins are one of the symbols of Iceland but also a specialty the rest of the world frowns upon. This is just one of the crazy meals from the north, and some of them include fermented sea lion, ram’s testicles, and boiled sheep head. However, the dried puffins are worse from all of the above, but the residents of the island love their meat, and it reminds them of a duck and fish meat simultaneously.

2. Turtle soup

Some of the turtles are prohibited because they are on the brink of extinction which is no wonder turtle soup can be found in few countries around the world. Some of these countries are China, Singapore, and Ecuador and the main ingredients are meat, skin and internal organs.

3. Snake heart

This specialty comes from Vietnam. You are choosing the snake which you want the chefs to prepare, and the first part of the meal is fresh blood. The heart which is still beating will be mixed with brandy, which is a second part of the meal. According to the Vietnamese, eating the beating heart of the snake increases testosterone levels.

4. Fried spiders

If you are traveling to Cambodia, at least consider eating fried spiders. This is a delicacy in these parts of the world, and if you are brave enough, it is something you need to try.

5. Tuna fish’ eyes

In Japan, people eat tunas. And their eyes are considered to be quite a thing. You can find them in markets and restaurants, and they taste similar to squid.


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