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CMOS-Photonics Technology Challenges

imec and Mentor detail painstaking progress.

79 GHz CMOS RADAR Chips for Cars from Imec and Infineon

Compact, low power, low cost solution to advance vehicle safety and automation.

Leti’s CoolCube 3D Transistor Stacking Improves with Qualcomm Help

Collaborating to build out design to fabrication ecosystem.

Molecular Modeling of Materials Defects for Yield Recovery

New materials are being integrated into High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) of semiconductor ICs, while old materials are being extended with more stringent specifications.

EUV Resists and Stochastic Processes

Random variability requires statistical control approaches.

Many Mixes to Match Litho Apps

“Mix and Match” has long been a mantra for lithographers in the deep-sub-wavelength era of IC device manufacturing.

Design-for-Testability (DFT) Verified with Hardware Emulation

Several years ago, while at Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) leader Teradyne, I witnessed frequent debates on a fundamental dilemma: On the production/testing floor, is it better to pass a failing device or reject a good device?

Memristor Variants and Models from Knowm

Knowm Inc., a start-up pioneering next-generation advanced computing architectures and technology, recently announced the availability of two new variations of memristors targeting different neuromorphic applications.

Indium-free Perovskite TCOs Could Save Costs

Lei Zhang, et al. from Pennsylvania State University—with collaborators from Rutgers University and University of Toledo—have found two new families of transparent conductive oxides (TCO) based on “correlated” electrons in ternary oxides of vanadium.

Measuring 5nm Particles In-Line

ITRI and TSMC co-develop aerosol method to monitor liquids and slurries.