We have already talked about organic products and benefits that those bring in our life. It has been proven for many times that people that are carefully choosing their food and combine proper nutrition with physical activity are healthier. This is why we decided to contact Beyond Organic Insider member that would further explain what are some of the advantages of the organic products.

Beyond Organic products are distributed through their network in order to reduce the total cost and more importantly, allowing you to get as fresh as possible product. Sales are conducted by Independent Mission Marketers that have a goal to spread the word about the company and profit from their work. With this approach to the business, it allowed the company to easily and quickly reach a large number of people as every marketer will be able to, in the first step, talk to family and friends.

It is clear that big meat producers are often using various supplements to increase the resistance of the cattle and some of those can be detected in the meat and dairy products that we consume in the end. While those doses are strictly controlled, it is always smart to avoid that kind of meat and other products. This is where Beyond Organic comes and provide their products that are clean and offer the right balance between omega 3 and omega 6 acids.

We all remember the days when the cattle and herds were roaming the green fields and were grass fed. Today, most companies transferred to some alternative and not so healthy methods of cattle farming, and these usually include the addition of various supplements that have a goal to increase the speed of growth.

On the other hand, not all grass-fed cattle is same. What is important to know is that even if the herd is grass fed, meat can be tainted if the pasture has been treated by herbicide, pesticide and chemical fertilizers. With the Beyond Organic, you are sure that you are getting the highest quality meat of a cattle that has been risen on clean fields. This also means that all dairy products are pure and healthy.

Another thing that needs to be accounted for some other products that our beyond organic insider consultant mentioned is that all those need to be packed properly and that those can, later on, be recycled. For example, water bottles are BPA-free and can be recycled. In case that they do somehow get into a landfill, it is important to know that those are biodegradable. This way we will further preserve the environment and lower level of pollution.


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