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Research Alert: March 10, 2015

Graphene meets heat waves; UT Dallas technology could make night vision, thermal imaging affordable; Breakthrough in OLED technology

Research Alert: February 17, 2015

A new spin on spintronics; Novel solid-state nanomaterial platform enables terahertz photonics; Novel crumpling method takes flat graphene from 2-D to 3-D

Research Alert: February 3, 2015

Fabrication of patterns with linewidths down to 1.5nm; New method allows for greater variation in band gap tunability; New pathway to valleytronics

Research Alert: January 26, 2015

Solving an organic semiconductor mystery; Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing; Carbon nanotube finding could lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life

Research Alert: December 16, 2015

Stacking 2-dimensional materials may lower cost of semiconductor devices; Scientists measure speedy electrons in silicon; Holst Centre and imec develop thin-film hybrid oxide-organic microprocessor

Research Alert: December 9, 2014

Soitec announces new world record for solar cell efficiency at 46%; High photosensitivity 2-D-few-layered molybdenum diselenide phototransistors; Finding the Achilles’ heel of GaN-based LEDs in harsh radiation environments

Research Alert: November 18, 2014

New process isolates promising material; Revolutionary solar-friendly form of silicon shines; New way to move atomically thin semiconductors for use in flexible devices

Research Alert: October 14, 2014

Revving up fluorescence for super fast LEDs; Smallest world record has ‘endless possibilities’ for bio-nanotechnology; Printing in the hobby room: Paper-thin and touch-sensitive displays on various materials

Research Alert: September 9, 2014

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and SRC announce new scholarship for undergraduate engineering students; Layered graphene sandwich for next generation electronics; Doped graphene nanoribbons with potential

Research Alert: September 3, 2014

A new, tunable device for spintronics; Copper shines as flexible conductor; Competition for graphene

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