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Blog review December 9, 2013

One of the biggest developments taking place in the semiconductor industry is the emergence of 3D NAND memory technology. Products are available today that feature 3D NAND devices. It has taken years to become a reality and now it is poised to replace planar NAND flash memory for storage. Gil Lee of Applied Materials blogs that despite innovative workarounds, the era of traditional planar “shrinks” for NAND is running out of steam.

In a preview of the International Electron Devices Meeting, blogger Dick James of Chipworks, says he’s now telling folks to think about the end of silicon, at least as we know it, since his “brain will not wrap around the idea of 10- and 7-nm gates, and 10-nm gates are only 30 – 40 atoms across, depending on orientation!”

Skyworks has a growing portfolio of chips on SOI. Kevin Walsh, the company’s Marketing Director of Analog Solutions, talks with Soitec’s Advance Substrate News about an SOI product portfolio includes RF switches, digital attenuators and low noise amplifiers for LTE and multimode cellular systems, wireless LAN and general RF switch industrial applications – given their requirements for increasingly more functionality in a small size.

Phil Garrou takes a look at the Sony ISX014 8MP sensor, which features 1.12µm pixels and integrated high speed ISP. The pixel layer and logic layer part are manufactured as separate chips and stacked by using TSVs. Previously the pixel and logic circuit of Sony’s back side illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor were formed during the same fabrication process.

The MEMS Industry Group blog contemplates that while the first internet/web revolution changed the world profoundly, the disruptive nature of MEMS and the Internet of Things has the potential to change it even more as the big data machine will no longer be dependent on human data entry. The internet traffic will be automatically generated by millions of ‘things’ from which we can retool large parts of the world for better efficiency, security and environmental responsibility.

Pete Singer is already counting the days to 10th anniversary The ConFab 2014, to be held June 22-25 at The Encore at The Wynn in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. In his blog, Pete notes how The ConFab is vastly different from any other event he’s attended for several reasons. It’s focused entirely on the economics of semiconductor manufacturing, and thought-provoking conference sessions are combined with private meetings arranged between sponsors and VIP attendees.

One Response to “Blog review December 9, 2013”

  1. Andy Walker Says:

    Regarding 3D NAND Flash, it might be useful for your readers to see a couple of slightly more objective views: – A blog piece of these vertical channel 3-D NAND approaches – A peer reviewed IEEE article analyzing the real cost of such approaches.

    Full disclosure – both pieces written by me.

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