Sometimes it’s just hard for you to get your kids to eat veggies. But, you have to be persistent in trying to get them to eat those as they are one of the healthiest foods that they can eat. Also, they need to get into a habit of making good choices when it comes to food. Here are some kid-friendly veggie recipes that you can use today.

1) Tangy Carrot Slaw

This is a great one for your kids as you can mix these carrots with any kind of meat. They go well together. You can buy a bag in which you are going to get already cut carrots. Then, this meal is on the table in no-time.

2) Asparagus From The Microwave

Well, we all know the feeling when it takes you a lot of time to make a dish only for your kids to decide not to eat it. If you know that feeling, try putting the asparagus in the microwave and you are going to have a dish ready in a couple of minutes.

3) Butter-Roaster Sweet Potato

Any roasted veggie has a good chance of being accepted by your kids. But, when you do that with a butter and a sweet potato, you are going to create something that your children are going to love. Heck, you are going to get hooked on it as well.

4) Roasted Carrots With Orange

We just said that you can almost never go wrong with the roasted veggie. Roasted carrots are also a good pick for you since no sugar is required. You can add the orange so you can like this dish better.

5) Tomato Chickpea Salad

This is actually good enough so that it can be a meal by itself. But, you can also add this to a mac and cheese or chicken and make a nice combo of it. One of the veggie choices that you are going to love, no doubt about that.


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