Carbonara is a dish easy to make, but the great thing spaghetti, in general, is that you can add ingredients according to your liking and still come up with a delicious meal. Below, you can see eight versions of Carbonara that you will just love.

1. Quick and Easy

Prepare traditional carbonara and then, add sausage. You will be surprised with what you will get, and we are confident that you will make this variant only from now on.

2. Chorizo Carbonara

You can figure out what you need to add to your carbonara from the title. This is for those who love to spice things up, and it is great in combination with a salad.

3. Skinny Carbonara

Just follow Jamie Oliver’s recipe from Everyday Superfood, and you will get this super easy but tasty dish.

4. Smoked Mackerel Carbonara

With these combinations, we want you to be creative. Instead of bacon, you can use smoked fish, and you will be surprised with the final result. It is a bold move to add smoked fish to your meal, but it definitely pays off.

5. Gennaro’s Carbonara

Gennaro’s recipe will teach you how to make Carbonara which resembles the classic one. It is still amazing though, and we suggest you try it.

6. Farfalle Carbonara

With this carbonara, you don’t have to add any ingredients, just change the shape of pasta. The taste will remain the same, but the meal will look differently.

7. Courgette Carbonara

This twist is fantastic to eat in the summer, and it will make your meal look more colorful.

8. Carbonara Cake

You can turn leftover spaghetti into a cake!

We are sure that you can come up with some other versions of Carbonara! Share them with us, and we will be eager to try it out.


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