Keeping your pets occupied and entertained at home can be challenging. After all, most cats and dogs have a fair bit of free time on their hands. With nothing to do, they’re likely to get bored and start chewing on shoes or attacking the furniture. It’s not just a problem during daylight hours, either.

Many pet owners struggle to keep their furry friends occupied even in the dead of night! But fear not; there are plenty of ways to help keep your pet amused when you’re not around. After all, it means they won’t resort to eating the house plants or tearing up the carpet. To help you, we’ve listed five great ways you can keep your pets entertained at home!

1. Give your pet their favorite toy


Most cats and dogs have their favorite toys. These are the ones they get the most excited about. As such, giving your pet their favorite toy when you’re not around is a great way to keep them occupied. It’s also an excellent way to prevent them from chewing on your other belongings.

You should try to keep a couple of your pet’s favorite toys around the house at all times. That way, you’ll always have one nearby when you need it. It’s also worth rotating your pet’s favorite toys once in a while. That’ll keep them interested and entertained for longer. After all, you don’t want them getting bored with their old favorites.

2. Add some enrichment to their environment

If you have time, you can add some enrichment to your pet’s environment. That’ll keep them occupied both during the day and at night. Enrichment is basically anything that adds novelty to your pet’s daily routine. It often comes in the form of new toys and treats, new places to explore, or even new people in the house. You can also enrich your pet’s environment by adding places for them to climb or get up high.

This tip can even double as a socialization course for your pet. If you’ve recently adopted a Shih Tzu puppy for sale from PetsforHomes, your puppy will need to be introduced to various things, people, and places – much like how enrichment works. If you think that your puppy is getting bored, try adding new items into the mix to pique their interest anew.

3. Hide food and treats around the house


Alongside enrichment, you can also use food and treats to keep your pet busy during the day. The best thing to do is hide some treats around the house. Cats and dogs will often enjoy hunting for treats and food, especially when they know they’re there. That’ll keep them busy for hours, which is excellent if you have to leave them home alone for long periods of time. You can also use food and treats to create a fun game for your pet.

If your pet is notorious for rushing through their food without chewing, hiding kibble around the house can also help them slow down eating. Divide their meals into small portions and scatter the bowls around your home. This will help them “hunt” for their food and have small intervals between each serving.

4. Let them roam free in a safe space

If you have a large garden or a safe space outdoors, you can let your pet roam free there. This is a great way to let them blow off some steam and keep them busy. However, if you’re going to let your pet out, you should still keep an eye on them. This’ll stop them from coming into contact with other animals or accidentally getting lost.

In addition, if you have a yard, it’s best that you check for possible plants that may be harmful to your pets – as well as chemicals that someone might have applied to your garden. Accidental exposure to these things may cause significant damage to your pet, so this is a crucial step before you let your pets roam outdoors.

5. Come up with fun games you can play together during the day


Some pets are more playful than others. If you have an active pet, you might want to come up with some fun games you can play together during the day. This can help keep your pet busy for longer. It can also be a great way for you to bond with your pet. If you’re planning on hiring a pet nanny to keep an eye on your pet during the daytime, you can even teach them the game to keep your pets stimulated.

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how to keep your pets entertained. You should also know the best ways to do this. Simply follow the tips outlined above, and you should have no trouble keeping your pet busy for longer.

6. Fun with towels

If your dog likes to sniff, you can take an old towel and spread it on the floor. Spread a few sweets on it and fold it in half. Add a few more sweets and fold again. Repeat this for as long as you can and have the dog watch you. Then just give him that wrapped towel and enjoy the scene as he reluctantly tries to ‘save’ the sweets from the towel.

7. Hire a dog walker


If you’ve seen ads in your city for people who want to walk dogs, you can always apply for it. They usually don’t charge much, and the truth is that this way the dog can enjoy the walk. They usually bring other dogs with them, so our pet will have friends to spend time with and socialize with. In addition, by walking, we make sure that the dog does not have to relieve himself at home and can enjoy a little freedom.

Dogs that play alone should be encouraged. If you have a dog that can have fun, it’s a sign of intelligence. Your dog expends energy, chews, chases, challenges his mind and practices skills while playing.

Dogs like to know what awaits them. Therefore, come up with a ritual that you will perform before you leave him alone. It is important that you let him know that you are going, but also when you will return. For example, feed your dog before you leave the house and do it again when you return. Let departure and arrival connect you with meal time.

Dog boredom is a serious problem for many owners. However, this is a problem that can be easily fixed. It only takes a little time and love, and in the end you will get a completely healthy and happy pet!


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