People are trying to eliminate carbs from the diet to slim down and get to their desired weight, but this can only make them cranky, and most of the people give up on the idea very soon. However, not all carbs are the same. Some are good for our body, while the others are really bad and they increase our weight. Moreover, these bad carbs raise the chances of getting diabetes and reduce the fertility.

Once you learn to eat good carbs and eliminate the bad ones, you will have the body of your dreams. A small number of people can eat carbs without gaining weight, but this simple cracker test will show you how much carbs you can eat. Simply, take one cracker and put it in your mouth. Chew until the taste becomes sweet, and if this happens in less than 30 seconds, your body is processing carbs quickly and efficiently.

However, if the taste hasn’t changed after 30 seconds, you need to think about the diet without carbs. According to Dr. Sharon Moalem from Canada, who made this test, the slow change shows that your body doesn’t process carbs most efficiently. This leads to weight gain.

However, the psychological mechanism of the test is not quite clear. It is believed that it is about the genetics which influences the amylase, the enzyme in the saliva that breaks down starch into sugar which body needs converts to energy. Some people have the saliva rich in amylase, which is why the sweet taste appears sooner rather than later.

If you notice sweetness in the first seconds, your body is working precisely as it should. In other words, you can eat around 250g of carbs per day, which is around four slices of white bread. If you feel the sweet taste between 15 and 30 seconds, your intake should exceed 175g of carbs per day, but longer than 30 seconds and you cannot cross the 125g limit.


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