The demand for accessible and reasonably priced dental care has increased dramatically in recent years due to the worldwide increase in healthcare costs. It has become increasingly common for people to go overseas for dental care because of the lower costs and higher standards of care available there. People from industrialized nations aren’t immune to the trend of traveling abroad to receive dental care.

The good news is that you can choose from a wide variety of options in any location. Patients from other countries can save up to 80 percent on the cost of healthcare by receiving it in a foreign country.

If you are considering health care in another country, we recommend choosing one such country that is closer to your home country. You can save money and time by combining your oral health checkup with a vacation. So, let’s take a look at the best six dental tourism destinations and discuss why each one is a good option.

1. Turkey


It would be improper to list the best places to receive oral care without including Turkey. Thousands of foreign patients travel to Turkey every year for oral care, and while there they see the sights in Istanbul or relax in the Izmir thermal baths.

Turkey serves as a cultural gem and a geographical bridge between Europe and Asia, and as a result, tourists from all over the world flock there to receive treatment from world-renowned dentists. If you think that Turkey’s popularity among travelers in search of health care abroad is solely the result of its convenient location, you’d be doing the country a great disservice.

Dental care in Turkey, at places like the Dr. Ilayda Askan Dental Clinic, is on par with that provided in the West. The low cost of dental care in Turkey is another major draw. Dental implants, for instance, are estimated to cost around €600 on average in Turkey.

2. America


America has relatively high healthcare costs compared to the other countries discussed in this article. Turkey offers much more affordable dental care for foreign patients than the USA does. To be fair, though, quality, and not just cost, may be the deciding factor for some patients when considering dental care in a foreign country. Such services in America are among the best in the world. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Africa are the top two regions from which international tourists visit America for dental healthcare services. If you are looking for affordable yet high-quality dental tourism and healthcare services in America, check out

3. India


India’s private dentists’ clinics have a stellar international reputation for providing cutting-edge care. Medical tourism in the country has been growing at a rate of 30% annually due to the country’s recent prominence as a global health destination. As a result, India is now being called Asia’s healthcare epicenter, and this sector is expected to expand by 15% annually for the next six years.

India’s dental hospitals have become well-known for their cutting-edge equipment and rosters of illustrious dentists who are respected worldwide. Since such healthcare in India is significantly cheaper than in the West, the number of foreign patients traveling there has increased dramatically in recent years.

Also, India offers many tourist places that the patients can visit while on their visit here. Seeing so many beautiful sights will rejuvenate their souls and prepare them better for their treatments.

4. Romania


Romania is steadily gaining a reputation as a top location for international patients seeking dental care. Dentists in the country treat thousands of international patients annually.

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, is more commonly associated with the phrase “cheap dentist abroad” than “the best dentist abroad.” This is because of false representations in foreign media. However, teeth implants in Romania can be had for as little as €500, making it a top destination for those seeking both quality and affordability in their healthcare. Isn’t that a steal deal?

5. Hungary


You may consider Hungary to be the best place to go for dental work abroad. Due to its world-class dentists, cutting-edge facilities, and cutting-edge equipment, this country enjoys a prominent position in the international dental community. The English, Irish, Germans, Austrians, Americans, Danes, and French make up the bulk of our international clientele.

Implants, tooth extraction, bridges, teeth bleaching, veneers, and crowns are just some of the many dental services available in Hungary.

Budapest, the capital and largest city in Hungary, is home to excellent dental care that is discounted by 50-70%. Implants can be purchased in Hungary for a typical cost of about €850, which should give you a rough idea of healthcare costs there. Also, Hungary offers some amazing views that wll definitely uplift the spirits of the patients.

6. Spain


In recent years, healthcare in Spain has become increasingly affordable. And because of this, Spain has become one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism in Europe. Any such service you need can be obtained at a reasonable cost in the dentists’ clinics in Madrid and other major cities.

When compared to their American counterparts, Spain’s clinics hold their own in terms of technology, cost, and quality of care. Patients from other countries who travel to Spain for dentistry work often take the opportunity to see some of Barcelona’s fascinating historical sites while they’re there. British, Irish, and German tourists make up the bulk of international arrivals.

Final Word

Finding the right dental service provider is quite a challenging task. It becomes more challenging if the dental healthcare system of your country is not up to the mark. In such a scenario, you can consider visiting any of the countries mentioned above and availing their dental health services. Today, more and more people are considering travelling to other countries to get treatments done there. Not only is it cheaper but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that the services offered are of the best-quality.


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