A lot of us love to use spices, and plenty of people enjoy using pepper in their everyday lives & in their kitchens. Are you one of those people as well? Do you enjoy a bit of spiciness to your meals? Pepper is also known as the king of spices, but why in the world is it so expensive? Keep on reading and find out all there is to it when it comes to this ingredient, as well as its ”spicy” price point.

What you need to know about pepper

First of all, it is not easy to produce pepper. This is a native plant in India that has a unique taste and a spicy aftertaste that people love to experience. It also requires intensive work of planting and harvesting + it is a seasonal spice. Seasonal anything automatically means higher prices. When it comes to harvesting, it is a time-consuming process and is labor-intensive, which also further justifies its price point. It does not take a whole village to produce it, but it does require a lot of manpower.

4 Reasons Why Pepper is So Expensive

1. High demands & unbelievable stats


Did you know that pepper consumption rose by 60% in the last 30 years? On the other hand, its demand had increased by 200% in China, which is a ground breaking record. People have noticed its prices going up, but due to its deliciousness, many kept on buying the product. Most enjoy its practicality & versatility since you can mix it with most of your homemade dishes. PS: White pepper is the priciest kind on the market, and is also the rarest one.

2. Medical reasons

Pepper has historically been used in traditional medicine and for many years + for loads of different reasons. Thanks to its compound – Piperine – people were curing & relieving themself from different pain & chronic illnesses. Some people still turn to it even to this day as their go-to medication for at-home use. It can also protect the neural system and reduce inflammation cases. You can also use it for antimicrobial infections. If you are someone who believes in a natural approach – now you know why the mile-high prices.

3. International recognition = crazy consumption


Pepper is not an Indian spice anymore – it has become a global & world thing. It has gained a lot of reputation and notice through different consumers & users, as well as thanks to ads & social media. You should know that its price point will rise as the producers try to strike an equilibrium between the demand and supply. Nowadays, you can use it with pretty much anything & any dish: breakfast, lunch, dinner – you name it! Thanks to its practicality & wide use, the prices have gone through the roof.

4. Black & white pepper are the priciest kinds

In recent years black pepper has been recognized by its producers, traders, as well as consumers. Black pepper is quite tricky since it takes a lot of time, care & gardening skills to harvest it. White pepper, on the other hand, needs to ripen. While other flavors require drying and gridding, the white is overly processed. The process itself can take a whole week of your time. The more time that people invest into its ripen and over-processing, the higher the cost of these two flavors.

How to cut down the price? What are some tips & tricks when it comes to buying pepper?

1. You can visit & check your local market


Asian markets are the best go-to solution for people who need affordable yet delicious foods or spices. Although you may not get the pepper in a fancy container, it will still do the job! Ignore its packaging & looks in this case, and enjoy the spiciness at an affordable price rate.

2. Try hitting the dollar stores

Dollar stores are only popular & common in the U.S as well as Canada, and they are a good go-to resource if you find yourself near one. Are you lucky enough to live near one? Well, if so, just know that your local dollar store could have all that you need at an affordable price with valid expiration dates.

3. Buy in bulk


A lot of people recommend that you purchase your food in bulk, especially your spices. Buying in bulk is always cheaper, and you can easily refill your smaller containers at home once you run out of your food item. You can easily find about 4 ounces of a cheaper pepper when doing bulk shopping.

4. Grow it yourself

If you are someone who loves to DIY most of your projects – how about you grow your pepper? You can set it all up in your backyard, or even on your balcony! You can harvest the green kind when they are still young, but it will take some ups & downs for you to master black or white peppers. However, patience is a virtue in this case.

5. Buy it online


If you live in a city and your options are pretty tight or limited – we highly recommend that you shop online & enjoy the variety. However, before ordering online, insert all of your data & place of living to determine your shipping cost and see if it is worthwhile.

Where to find the best pepper that is not too expensive?

Interested in creating your new dish and trying out something tasty? If you’re ready to try out the best of the best – check here! This brand has pepper that originated from Cambodia and is available in two varieties – black Kampot and red Kampot pepper. Enjoy the combination of warmth and depth to your spices + enjoy good deals and proper prices with a free shipping option for orders over $65. Everyone will easily find their ideal go-to spice + you can also choose from white, Vietnam, Madagascar, or Timut peppers.


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