If you spend a lot of time seated, you’re likely to experience stiffness on your neck, back, and even hands. You need to find exercises and activities that help you get rid of the stiffness.

As a student, we bet you spend a lot of time seated in lecture halls. Trust us, the team of MyHomeworkDone knows all about students and also sits all day doing their job. You need to find time after class to stretch your joints and muscles, so you don’t suffer from stiffness. Make sure that you are intentional about keeping healthy and flexible. Flexibility is good for you because stiffness turns into stubborn pain over time.

After a long day of being seated, take a walk, or do an activity that allows you to move the body parts that have been still the entire time.

Since exercising is so challenging, find friends that you can do these activities with. If your school gym offers yoga, the better. Yoga is an amazing way to get rid of stiffness because it comes with many activities that stretch different parts of your body.

If you’ve seen a yoga session before, we bet you think its a child’s play. When you do it, you realize how much endurance it takes to do different poses.

As you focus on your academic performance, don’t forget to cater for your wellness as well. As you know, your academics go hand in hand with your mental and physical health. You cannot do your nest if your physical body is going through some pain.

As a student, you too need time to take care of your mental health and you cannot do so is you’re always working.

Here is a guide on the Yoga activities to help you get rid of stiffness.

Why Yoga Help Keep People Young

You must be wondering why yoga is the go-to activity for staying young. As you know stiffness makes you feel older than you are and yoga poses helps keep you flexible. Let’s look at the contributing factors in depth;


There is a lot of balance that comes into play when you’re doing yoga. This helps you involve your brain when you’re working out. The ability to balance on one leg, for instance, is a collaborative effort between your mind and body.

When you practice balancing in your yoga sessions, you boost your coordination as well. This means that you can sit for long hours without feeling stiff. Yoga poses for balance encourage agility which is vital as you grow older. Many people get fractured bones because they’ve not mastered the art of balancing.


Next up, is flexibility which you know older people struggle with. If you’re still young and you struggle with flexibility, you should sign up for yoga sessions. Yoga poses use flexibility to help you manage aches you have on different parts of your body.

As you know, older people struggle with simple things like getting up from a chair or bending to pick something from the ground. If you sit a lot during the day, you might experience pain when doing simple things. This shows that you have a stiff muscle in your body that you need to work on.


You must be wondering how your breathing is related to the persistent back pain you have. Well, how you breathe is very important and yoga will teach you that. Many people underestimate how much breath is important to their lives. You know you’re only alive because you’re breathing and if you stop, you die.

When you practice yoga, you’ll be in a position to increase your lung capacity. Sounds like a magic trick right? Well, it works and it’s good for you because your muscles need sufficient oxygen supply. With a bigger lung capacity, you’ll be able to keep your muscles more agile.

Body Awareness

Many of us think we know our bodies when in reality we don’t. Yoga will help you be more aware of the state of your body. Different yoga poses will get a reaction from your body which will tell you how well you are.

Yoga postures are designed to improve your sensitivity to touch and pain. You’ll achieve heightened levels of sensitivity that will keep you aware of what your body needs. Imagine being so in touch with your body that you know what it needs based on a small twitch?

You’ve heard Yogarists talk about energies moving around and you have no clue what they’re talking about right? Well, join a Yoga class today and see that change. Awareness is a good thing for anyone who wants to lead a more fulfilling life. You need to be mindful and pay attention to anything that your body rejects. Correcting it before it’s too late will keep you feeling young.

How to Ensure Yoga Works for You

Be Patient and Consistent

Many Yogarists will tell you that practicing requires a lot of patience and consistency. It’s not something you start today and expect to see results tomorrow. This is not a one-day policy sport that you do once and you’re done with it.

It needs to be a lifestyle because your body will always need you to take care of it. The best part is yoga helps you practice patience. If you practice at least thrice every week, you’ll be able to totally transform your life for the better.

Know what is right for you

Regularly performing scoliosis exercises such as bringing your shoulder blades down can be a simple yet effective way to manage serious conditions like scoliosis.

Something as simple as bringing your shoulder blades down will help you manage serious conditions like scoliosis.

Yoga will help you reduce pain in ways you never thought was possible. By knowing what is right for you’ll, you’ll master the right way to carry yourself so you don’t harm your body. When you start listening to your body, you realize how significant yoga is, as a healing practice.


Stiffness is a common struggle for many people who spend a lot of time seated. Yoga is the solution that offers you more than you signed up for. It is a gift that keeps giving because it gets you in touch with your body.


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