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Welcome to ElectroIQ!

Here you will find easy access to five different PennWell brands that address Electronics and Electronics Manufacturing: Solid State Technology, Photovoltaics World, Small Times, Advanced Packaging and SMT. Each brand corresponds to one of our topic centers: semiconductors, photovoltaics, nanotech MEMS, and surface mount technology. Navigate through our topic and subtopic centers to find the latest news and tech features, or use the search function to access all of our content, including the archives. It’s all here!

The reasoning behind ElectroIQ is simple. Increasingly, similar process technologies are being applied across the various industries addressed by our five different brands. Screen printing of conductive pastes, for example, is used in printed circuit board assembly as well as photovoltaics manufacturing. 3D integration is an Advanced Packaging concept, but largely uses semiconductor front end process type steps. Chips are being embedded in printed circuit boards, nanotechnology is being implemented in semiconductor manufacturing and packaging materials. MEMS are integrated (and packaged) with energy harvesting devices and thin film batteries. The list goes on, up and down — and across– the entire supply chain.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that each brand continues to maintain its own identity, and that you know the source of everything you read. What we’re excited about is that with the increased functionality of the new site (made possible by a new software platform), we’ll be able to more easily identify and link to content that applies to our many different topic centers.

Coinciding with the new launch, we have restructured our editorial team. Debra Vogler, based in San Jose, will handle all technical feature content and submissions for SST, Advanced Packaging, Photovoltaics World and Small Times ( Jim Montgomery ( is responsible for news posting and wire news feed. Please direct press releases and news leads to him. New to the team is Steve Smith ( who has taken on Managing Editor responsibilities.

Heading up SMT editorial efforts is Meredith Courtemanche ( All editorial submissions and inquiries regarding SMT should be directed to her.

Welcome again. As always, please let me know what you think! You can reach me by e-mail at or by phone at 603-891-9217.

Pete Singer
Editorial Director

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