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New Thinking Required for Machine Learning

Speakers argue the semiconductor community thus far has not been doing enough to enable machine intelligence.

AI Chips: Challenges and Opportunities

The exploding use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era for semiconductor devices that will bring many new opportunities but also many challenges.

Emerging Memory Types Headed for Volumes

After decades of R&D, two emerging memory types – the phase change memory-based 3D Xpoint, co-developed by Intel and Micron, and the embedded spin-torque transfer magnetic RAM (e-MRAM) from several foundries – are now coming to the market.

Applied Materials Fields Cobalt Solution for MOL

Applied Materials has introduced a set of processes that enable cobalt to be used instead of tungsten and copper for contacts and middle-of-line interconnects.

Companies Ready Cobalt for MOL, Gate Fill

As cobalt begins to replace tungsten at the smaller-dimension interconnect layers, Applied Materials is readying process flows and E-beam inspection solutions.

Logic Densities Advance at IEDM 2017

At the International Electron Devices Meeting, logic platform presentations from GlobalFoundries and Intel featured Moore’s Law density scaling.

Enabling the A.I. Era

Industry experts talked about how artificial intelligence will require innovation at all levels of the electronics industry, during a recent panel assembled by Applied Materials.

EUV Leads the Next Generation Litho Race

As previously reported by Solid State Technology, the eBeam Initiative recently reported the results of its lithography perceptions and mask-makers’ surveys.

GlobalFoundries Turns the Corner

Stronger than expected demand for AMD’s 14nm-based processors has boosted GlobalFoundries. “We are chasing more demand than we planned on.” –Fab 8 general manager Tom Caulfield.

Silicon Photonics Technology Developments

GlobalFoundries provides breakthrough technologies.

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