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Tallness Makes Reliable Spindt Tip Cold Cathodes

Vacuum nanowire arrays of cold cathodes for high frequency sources and amplifiers

IoT Security, Software Are Highlighted at ARM TechCon

Many people are aware of the Internet of Things concept. What they want to know now is how to secure the IoT and how to develop code for it.

ARM CEO Celebrates 500 Years of Connectivity

In his ARM TechCon keynote address on Wednesday morning (November 11), which was entitled “Building Trust in a Connected World,” ARM Holdings CEO Simon Segars reviewed the history ...

ARM debuts embedded architecture, new 64-bit processor

ARM Holdings today is introducing the ARMv8-M architecture for embedded devices and the ARM Cortex-A35 64-bit processor as the company opens the annual ARM TechCon conference and exposition ...

ARM CTO looks forward and backward in keynote

“Innovation is still thriving in semiconductors,” said Mark Muller, chief technology officer of ARM Holdings, in a keynote address Tuesday morning (November 10) at the ARM TechCon ...

New MEMS, Sensors Emerge at MEMS Executive Congress US

A wide variety of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices, sensors, and MEMS sensors were described and introduced at the MEMS Executive Congress US in Napa, Calif.

News Stories

Measuring 5nm Particles In-Line

ITRI and TSMC co-develop aerosol method to monitor liquids and slurries.

InvenSense Developers Conference Tackles Sensor Security, New Technologies

The second day of the InvenSense Developers Conference saw presenters get down to cases – use cases for sensors.

InvenSense CEO touts the Internet of Sensors

InvenSense president and chief executive officer Behrooz Abdi sees the Internet of Things as an Internet of Sensors, a theme he explored Tuesday afternoon (November 17) at the opening ...

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Measuring 5nm Particles In-Line

ITRI and TSMC co-develop aerosol method to monitor liquids and slurries.

Tallness Makes Reliable Spindt Tip Cold Cathodes

Vacuum nanowire arrays of cold cathodes for high frequency sources and amplifiers

Knowm First to Deliver Configurable Artificial Neural Networks using Bi-Directional Learning Memristors

Breakthrough memristor technology combined with novel adaptive architecture enables machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

Managing Dis-Aggregated Data for SiP Yield Ramp

In general, there is an accelerating trend toward System-in-Package (SiP) chip designs including Package-On-Package (POP) and 3D/2.5D-stacks where complex mechanical forces—primarily ...

Gases: Completely Necessary to Semiconductor Manufacturing

Silicon wafers. Semiconductor packaging. These are commonly known products in materials for manufacturing and assembling microchips. Process gases? Not as familiar a commodity, yet ...

Technologies for Advanced Systems Shown at IMEC Tech Forum USA

R&D summarized of the nanoscale building blocks for our fab future.

EMC2015 - New Devices, Old Tricks

The 57th annual Electronic Materials Conference, held June 24-26 in Columbus, Ohio, showcased research and development (R&D) of new device structures, as well as new insights into ...

3DIC Technology Drivers and Roadmaps

Circuit performance and silicon area improvements seen in new die stacks.

Power shift reflects the need for a new way of thinking

Handheld and smart devices are driving a methodology shift in power analysis. Mentor Graphics has recognized the need to calculate power values earlier in the design cycle, and has ...

Silicon Technology Extensions shown at MRS Spring 2015

New ultra-fast crystallization using lasers or plasma-jets.


Solid State Watch: November 13-19, 2015

ON Semiconductor to acquire Fairchild; CEA-Leti and partners announced three silicon photonics platforms; Micron unveils persistent memory technology; Wally Rhines of Mentor Graphics ...

Solid State Watch: August 21-27, 2015

New ams fab going to Marcy, NY: Startups and small electronics companies spent $78.3 billion on semiconductors in 2014; Pure-play foundry sales forecast to grow to all-time high in ...

Solid State Watch: August 14-20, 2015

Smart meter semiconductors on the rise; New research may enhance display & LED lighting technology; Demand for novel display materials set to surge in second half of 2015; SUSS ...

Solid State Technology: August 7-14, 2015

New research could enhance LEDs and displays; Intel to collaborate with Georgia Tech; imec extends its GaN R&D program; Strong silicon wafer area shipment growth reported in second ...

Solid State Watch: July 31-August 6, 2015

Worldwide sales of semiconductors reach $84B in second quarter of 2015; Toshiba announces world's first 16-die stacked NAND flash memory with TSV tech; Intel and Micron unveil 3D XPoint ...

Solid State Watch: July 24-30, 2015

Storm of mergers and acquisitions in 2015; China's automotive semiconductor market growth is slowing; University of Pennsylvania engineers and physicists research spintronic computers; ...

Interview with Kevin McLaughlin, SACHEM

Pete Singer chats with Kevin McLaughlin, Global Electronics Marketing Manager of SACHEM, at SEMICON West 2015.

Interview with Paul Alers, Busch

Paul Alers, Head of Product Management at Busch, talks with Pete Singer at SEMICON West 2015 about going green and “premium efficiency.”

Interview with Paul Rawlings, Edwards

Pete Singer met up with Paul Rawlings, VP of Marketing, Semiconductor & Display, Solar, LED Business Unit at Edwards, to discuss environmental regulation of gases in semiconductor ...

At The ConFab 2015: Interview with Digital Specialty Chemicals

Pete Singer talks with Ravi Laxman and Ravi Gukathasan from Digital Specialty Chemicals about the company's recent funding from Intel.