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ASML on EUV: Available at 10nm

Extreme-ultraviolet lithography systems will be available to pattern critical layers of semiconductors at the 10-nanometer process node, and EUV will completely take over from 193nm ...

Design and Manufacturing Technology Development in Future IC Foundries

Virtual Roundtable provides perspective on the need for greater integration within the “fabless-foundry” ecosystem.

Intel Announces “New Interconnect” for 14nm

Intel has just announced that “Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB”) packaging technology will be available to 14nm foundry customers.

Lithography: What are the alternatives to EUV?

Hopes remain high for EUV, but long delays has caused attention to shift to various alternatives.

Overlay Metrology Suite for Multiple Patterning

KLA-Tencor releases WaferSight PWG, LMS IPRO6, and K-T Analyzer 9.0 to control overlay and critical dimension (CD) in advanced IC fabs.

Atomic Layer Etch now in Fab Evaluations

Lam’s CTO talks about the future of etch in beta-site tests.

News Stories

The Week in Review: September 19, 2014

EUV available at 10nm; SEMI releases August book-to-bill; Rudolph's new SONUS technology; Samsung mass produces 6Gb mobile DRAM, ProPlus Designs expands sales operations to Europe; ...

SPIE panel tackles mask complexity issues

Photomasks that take two-and-a-half days to write. Mask data preparation that enters into Big Data territory. And what happens when extreme-ultraviolet lithography really, truly arrives? ...

The Week in Review: September 12, 2014

Front end fab equipment spending to increase in 2015; GLOBALFOUNDRIES announces scholarship program; SEMI wins request for etch equipment export control review; New deposition equipment ...

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Monolithic 3D breakthrough at IEEE S3S 2014

In the upcoming 2014 IEEE S3S conference (October 6-9), MonolithIC 3D will unveil a breakthrough flow that is game-changing for 3D IC. For the first time ever monolithic 3D (“M3DI”) ...

Process Watch: Sampling matters

Determining an optimum sampling strategy comes down to weighing the cost of process control against the benefit of capturing the defect or other excursion in a timely manner.

Foundry, EDA partnership eases move to advanced process nodes

A leading semiconductor foundry and an EDA vendor with design-for-yield (DFY) solutions have enjoyed a long-term partnership. Recently, they worked together to leverage DFY technologies ...

Sustainability through Materials Recovery

Recovering and reusing materials is becoming an increasingly essential consideration in order to ensure consistent quality, a stable supply of materials, and lower costs. On- and off-site ...

Qualcomm: Scaling down is not cost-economic anymore - so we are looking at true monolithic 3D

Over the course of three major industry conferences (VLSI 2013, IEDM 2013 and DAC 2014), executives of Qualcomm voiced a call for monolithic 3D "to extend the semiconductor roadmap ...

IP interoperability in SoCs: Mix and match doesn’t always work

More often than not, a design re-spin isn’t just a simple re-spin with a tweak here and a tweak there. The new design will probably have to comply with modified

Roll over flat panel displays

Flexible displays is a technological field that has been in R&D and pre-commercial development for several years, but what needs to happen to make volume production a reality, in ...

3D EDA brings together proven 2D solutions

Design methodologies and technologies for 2D multi-chip systems are extended into 3D using proprietary tools based on industry standards.

Big sell: IP Trends and Strategies

Experts from Semico Research, Cadence, Uniquify and Sonics challenge growth trends for semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) with FinFETs, the IoT and more.

Experts At The Table: Commercial potential and production challenges for 3D NAND memory technology

In this roundtable discussion focused on 3D NAND , we hear from Samsung Electronics (SE) in South Korea, Bradley Howard, Vice President of Advanced Technology Group, Etch Business Unit, ...


Solid State Watch: September 5-11, 2014

Front end fab equipment spending to increase in 2015; SEMI wins request for etch equipment export control review; GaAs device revenues on the rise; GlobalFoundries announces research ...

Solid State Watch: August 29-September 4, 2014

New biosensing material from UC Santa Barbara researchers; Contour Semi awarded new patents; New CEO at Fujitsu Semiconductor America; UMC joins Fujitsu's new foundry company

Solid State Watch: August 22-28, 2014

Fairchild Semiconductor closes two facilities; Intel releases new packaging technologies, Thinnest-possible semiconductor material; New metrology tools from KLA-Tencor

Solid State Watch: August 15-22, 2014

Silicon wafer shipments increase; The growing semiconductor industry in India; Equipment book-to-bill ratio remains steady; Next-generation smart glasses in development

Solid State Watch: July 31-August 7, 2014

Global semi sales hit record high; Benchmark established for EUV; Semiconductors for health and fitness set for double-digit growth; Smart cities on the rise

Solid State Watch: June 27-July 3, 2014

Gigaphoton achieves 92W EUV light source output; New graphene substitute has HVM potential; SMIC and Qualcomm collaborate; Nanolab Technologies acquires Microtech

Solid State Watch: June 13-19, 2014

Inpria completes another round of financing; GS Nanotech to launch mass assembly of 3D TSVs; memsstar relocates; Entegris launches i2M Center

Solid State Watch: June 6-12, 2014

Entropic consolidation; Field-effect transistor research, 2014 Symposium on VLSI Technology; ON Semiconductor to acquire Aptina Imaging

Solid State Watch: May 30-June 5, 2014

Fab equipment spending increase; SID announces winners of Display Industry Awards; Samsung's 14nm finFET process technology ready; Synopsys, Intel and ST collaborate on 28nm FD-SOI ...

Solid State Watch: May 23-29, 2014

STATSChipPAC releases new encapsulated wafer level chip scale package; Applied Materials reveals the Endura Ventura PVD system; Ziptronix and EV Group achieve submicron post-bond alignment ...