We bet you have heard of P. Diddy, a famous 41-year-old rapper, actor and men’s fashion designer. There is no doubt that he is great at what he does. Since he is a designer, he likes to be in shape and actually try out the things that he designs. He has a great body as he likes to take care of it.

Good eating habits and great workouts are his secrets. Well, that’s actually not that big of a secret, but you don’t know how he does that. Luckily for you, we are here today to tell you about his diet and workouts.

He has stated that he eats right most of the time and works out on a regular basis. Running, lifting weights and eating good foods are the key ingredients to his success.

When it comes to food, he wants to get the protein that he needs, while he is also avoiding all kinds of sugar, scratchy veggies and flour. Those are big no-no’s in his diet. Minimal carb intake is something that he likes to practice since it keeps his insulin levels low all the time and the body doesn’t store the fat nearly as quickly as it usually does.

Also, the body is more likely going to take the fat as an energy source.
As far as the workouts go, he likes to run every weekday. At least five or six miles is something that he likes to get done before he switches over to the Gazelle workout.

Friday is his day for the gym, so he is trying to hit the weights on that day. Also, he is always looking to run a marathon whenever he has enough time to train for it, which is two months in his case.

Running as much as he does is not easy, but it is going to help you stay “lean and mean” all year long. Do you think you can keep up with P. Diddy?


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