You might have heard of this, but you are not sure, and you have come to the right place since we will tackle the importance of the workstation that is ergonomic, or completely good and adapted to the spine and other body parts.

That sitting is one of the worst things you can do to your body is known for many years and it is very important to get up and move after one hour of sitting in order to prevent the side effects of sitting. These are different aches, back and neck pain, and similar, hence, change in the workplace and the position may decrease these and make your health improve.

1. Improve in the posture

Improper posture is a cause of many deformities that may occur on the spine and other body parts, such as wrists, ankles, knees, and necks. While sitting all of us have a tendency to slouch and keep our shoulders lower and neck that is not in the proper position. Chairs that do not have neck support but are ergonomic for the spine should be replaced and not used since they will not help with neck and shoulder tension and pain.

When working and sitting, it is essential to keep your feet on the ground and use the whole sole of the feet rather than fingers only or heels only. Females that wear heels are more prone to having more problems with lower back due to the fact that the feet are not in the proper position regarding the floor. Tight should make ninety degrees angle with shins.

If you are using a laptop to work, do not, use it by putting it on your lap, since it will make your whole body assume a position that is not natural, and in addition, increase the temperature of that part of the body leading to the bursting of the capillaries and in males, it can increase the temperature of the testicles to a temperature that will mess with the production of the viable sperm cells. Using a proper tool, such as a little desk to rise it to the proper height will lead to better posture.

Making sure that you are properly seated while working will make you have proper posture outside of work and maintain it without any fears of having problems.

2. Increase in the productivity

Feeling comfortable in the workplace is important since it will make you work better and being more productive. You know that feeling when you come home from work all tired and sore? And then you are so tired and not in the mood for work. This feeling comes from improper posture and constant pain that is being felt in different body parts.

In companies that have replaced the improper working stations with the ones that are ergonomic, there was an increase in productivity for at least fifty percent since people felt more comfortable and did not come to work with the fear of pain in different body parts. This method seems to be working not only in sitting arrangements but as well as in the standing working places. The change may be costly for the employer but the benefits are ways greater.

You will see for yourself that the change in the workplace and the chairs used as well as the tables will lead to less unpleasant days of sitting at work. This leads to feeling better and finishing the job faster with more quality; not only that you are faster, but you will have more time at home, and will not need to bring that much work home as you did before or stay longer hours at work.

3. Decreases chances of injuries

Ergonomics Health Association has come up with a very good guide on how to make your own ergonomic work station and have all the benefits of this type of workspace.

That improper stand and furniture we use have negative effects on physical and mental health is known for years.

There are some chronic diseases that may be triggered by working in the conditions that are not proper, and these are, carpal tunnel if you are working on the laptop or PC at work. It is demonstrated by the pain in the wrist and loss of sensation in the last two fingers. This may be reduced by using proper equipment that will reduce the tension.

Lower back pain is one of the diseases that many people re complain of and it is caused by sitting for too long in chairs that are not made properly. The pain may be relieved by using ergonomic chairs as well as making sure that the feet are positioned on the ground, and that the thighs are parallel to the floor, as well as the sole of the feet. Make sure to take a few minutes to break every hour, and stand up and walk a bit.

Neck pain is another very popular symptom that many who stand or sit for an increased period of time feel. The solution is to reduce slouching and keep the spine and the head straight, which can be achieved by having a chair that has a proper stand, and the headrest for the head to lean on instead of being in the air for the whole time. Hands should also be on the desk while typing and not allowing them to be in the position that is other than at ninety degrees angle.


As you can see, the ergonomic workplace has a lot of benefits for both employees and employers. It will reduce the discomfort and improve posture in the workers no matter which job they are performing.

It is essential to use these properly since the proper chair means nothing is not used properly and your hands, legs, feet, and neck are at positions that are not pleasant. Feeling less pain is one of the best things, and being more productive at work is another advantage. There is a reported decrease in sick leaves due to severe chronic pain illnesses in workers that are using ergonomic chairs and working stations overall.


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