Neck pain is a widespread back pain that affects over 70% of adults at some point in their lives. Numerous reasons can lead to pain in your neck. You can experience neck pain from acute to severe, trauma, accidents, and poor posture. However, it would be best if you didn’t ignore any early stages of this condition since it can be a call for a disability. While there are therapies and other treatment options, neck spine surgery Savannah is recommended if your situation is complex. Furthermore, precise knowledge of what causes neck pain can help evade this deadly condition. That said, here are the top five common causes of neck pain.

1. Muscle strains

In a neutral position, your head weighs approximately 10-11 pounds, which means your neck muscles and ligaments support heavy weight to keep your head straight. It is straightforward to strain your neck muscles in such a situation. It mainly occurs when you are fond of hunching your shoulders and tilting your head while using a computer or phone. Tilting your head for long hours increases the force on your neck. This result causes the muscles and ligaments to strain and cause stress, thus causing pain.

2. Injuries


Your neck can get injured due to numerous instances like sports, sudden falls, or jerky movements. However, the most common cause of neck injuries is a rear-ended car accident that results in whiplash. It occurs when your head moves forward from the back, causing your soft tissues to strain, resulting in immense pain, nerve impingement, and herniated and bulging discs.

3. Nerve compression


If the disc in your neck bulges from its optimal position, it can compress the spinal nerve that passes through the neck. This can result in severe pain, tingling, and numbness in the peripheral area surrounding the nerve.

4. Worn-out joints

Like any other part of your body, neck joints also endure wear and tear and risk contracting osteoarthritis. With arthritis, the vertebrae deteriorate and bone grinding, leading to significant pain, swelling, and inflammation. Additionally, bones that neighbor the neck can add excess pressure on the surrounding nerve, causing pain.

5. Severe illnesses

Several diseases can cause inflammation and numbness in the regions near your neck. Rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease can generate mild to severe pain. Furthermore, any condition or infection affecting neighboring parts of your neck impacts its typical functioning, and when the situation is extreme, your neck pain can worsen.

Your neck supports your entire head; your overall body will suffer the consequences if affected. In addition, you shouldn’t ignore the role your neck plays, as it can negatively impact your everyday productivity. The first thing is to diagnose the leading cause of neck pain before settling on the appropriate treatment. There are several ways to stabilize neck pain. Still, options vary according to the severity of your situation. In some cases, lifestyle changes and therapy are enough to help eradicate your neck pain. However, surgical processes can take the course if your problem is threatening to ensure the issue doesn’t spread beyon


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