Are you unable to see clearly? Due to old age and other health issues, your eyes can get weaker. Improper eye care and too much screen time can lead to various complications in the eye. There is an increase in eye-related problems in children. With the advent of technology, the majority of kids today are now using a smartphone. Several complications can occur due to such reasons, and in some cases, surgery becomes the only way out.

According to, the eye doctor in Torrance, CA, surgery has become quite accessible and safe. In comparison to earlier times, now there are many ailments related to the eyes that can be cured with surgery. Contact them for their unparalleled services and over thirty-five years of experience.

For an ordinary person, it becomes challenging to find a suitable doctor for eye-related ailments. Let us go through a few things that you must keep in mind before finding an eye doctor.

There are two significant categories of eye doctors, Ophthalmologists, and Optometrists.



An Ophthalmologist is the type of physician that can help you with all types of eye-related ailments. They can perform diagnoses, prescribe medicines, and, most importantly are surgeons as well. After completing the study, these doctors can also specialize in a particular field. After completing their medical education, these doctors join wok as a resident. Later, they can opt and pursue a specific field.



An Optometrist is different from an Ophthalmologist only because the latter can perform operations on patients. An Optometrist can check your eyes, prescribe medicines, and cure a few eye ailments. They are not able to perform surgeries as they are not equipped to do so.

Now the question arises which type of the above physicians would you need? Both of these doctors are well versed in their fields. If you are looking for an eye doctor who can teach you about contact lenses, or you have minor discomfort like an itch in your eyes, then you can consult an Optometrist. An Optometrist will be able to prescribe your eye drops for conditions like conjunctivitis etc. But if you are looking for a doctor who can perform operations like cataract removal, go and visit an Ophthalmologist. This doctor will not only treat your minor diseases but can also look after serious ailments.

How to find the best eye doctor?

  • If you are not aware of any eye specialist in your area and have never visited an eye clinic, then you can consult your family doctor or any other physician that you visit occasionally. Your other doctor may be aware of the right eye specialist in your vicinity. Also, if there is a recommended eye doctor in their circle, they will enlighten you. Your family doctor can also tell you about the best suitable eye specialist for your problem.
  • You can also ask the people around you about a good eye doctor. There are high chances that someone in your family has visited an eye doctor in the past. Ask them if the doctor that they consulted was up to the mark or not. The older family members of your house frequently see an eye specialist and consult them for a physician’s options. Also, if you do not get recommendations from your family members, then you can ask your friends or colleagues. A person in your workplace who wears spectacles can be the best one to consult.
  • With the advent of technology, every information is available on the internet. You can search on the net for a barrage of options regarding eye doctors. Many websites also show the patients’ ratings based on the services, hygiene, and the value for money. You can find the top-rated eye specialist in your vicinity through a simple online search. Many government organizations will show you the best possible options regarding eye doctors in the surrounding. Visit American Optometric Association to find the most reputed physicians who specialize in the field of eyes.

The benefits of eye surgery

The main benefit of eye surgery is that your vision gets better after the operation. You can see more precisely and without any obstruction. Why have an obstructed vision when you can have a better view of the environment. Let us understand the benefits of a few forms of eye surgeries one by one.

LASIK – Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis

LASIK, in simple terms, is the most popular type of eye surgery. Under this procedure, the chances of vision restoration are the highest. Almost 95% of the patients get a better vision after LASIK. Patients also feel minimum discomfort during and after the surgery. The patients will experience a better vision immediately and, in some cases, on the next day. Doctors will not put stitches on the eye as it is a laser-based technique. There have been cases where the patients witness no use of spectacles anymore. As the patient ages after the operation, they can visit the doctor to correct the vision years later.

PRK – Photorefractive Keratectomy

Similar to LASIK, PRK is a procedure that improves refractive vision issues. This type of surgery is perfect for patients with thinner corneal tissue. Poor vision often causes the corneal tissue to become thin and diminishes the cornea. Therefore, in PRK, there are lesser chances of too much corneal removal. This type of surgery is cheaper than LASIK. Although the healing process is longer in the PRK surgery.


Presbyopia is a complication where the affected person cannot focus on the nearby objects. Through surgery, this ailment can also be cured completely. Earlier, Presbyopia was treated with bifocal spectacles, But that is only a temporary solution. In the long run, the patient must be free to move and walk without glasses. As these bifocal glasses are a bit irritating for the wearer, many new techniques have been developed to cure Presbyopia.

In conclusion, after finding a suitable eye doctor for the ailment, one must be upfront and transparent with the physician about the complications. Curing eye problems with surgery is quite a norm these days, and many of them are successful with 100% results.


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