Psychometric tests are the new faces of the interviews and the selection processes in jobs and various organizations. These tests are used to test one for a certain set of qualities that is required by the organization.

The psychometric test for recruitment is usually conducted online wherein the candidates have to submit their answers to questions within a limited time frame. An analysis of these tests is carefully done to evaluate the various cognitive characteristics of a person. These are used in various stages of a selection process. But basically, these are used at the primary stage to screen out the irrelevant candidates and those candidates who do not fit the basic requirement. This makes the whole selection process simple and streamlined:-

These tests analyze various aspects of a personality such as-

• Personality profiler:


This test helps in analyzing the behavioral aspect of a candidate. It helps in analyzing how various aspects of an organization are likely to affect the behavior of a candidate in the future. It helps in judging, if the behavior of a candidate moves in a positive direction or a negative direction with respect to various aspects of the organization. This can be helpful in predicting the behavior of the candidate at work later on.

• Motivation inventory:

This test is used to analyze the motivation level of a person. It helps in noticing what all factors that can motivate a person at work. It can be a useful technique later on in the job. The employer can evaluate this and can increase the motivation of its candidates from time to time. This will serve both the employer and the employee in the future. A motivated employee is an asset to any organization. It helps in analyzing various needs of an employee varying from sustainability to relatedness to growth needs.

• Dark personality inventory:


The working environment of the organizations nowadays has become very hectic and is likely to trigger various negative emotions in the person. These tests help in analyzing various prospective dark traits and ensuring that these are not triggered. These can act as a threat to the safety of the employee. These help organizations to ensure better safety of employees to keep them in good condition in an organization in the long run. Various traits that are judged are self-obsession, opportunism, insensitivity, temperamental, impulsiveness, thrill-seeking, etc.

• Cognitive tests:

These tests help in evaluating employees on various traits that are integral for the performance of job I the organization. It helps in analyzing how quickly a person is in grasping new information and processes, how long can a person retain the acquired knowledge, how well a person can implement their learnings. Cognitive tests help in the holistic evaluation of a person. They check the holistic development of a candidate. The evaluate the analytical skills, reasoning, decision-making power, communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

Various aims of the psychometric tests are:

• Hire the right person:


The first and foremost aim of psychometric tests is to hire candidates with the right set of skills that are essential for the performance of the job in the organization. Leaderships, communication, decision making, etc are the various skills that an organization looks for in a candidate. A perfect candidate with the blend of the right set of skills in the goal of these psychometric tests.

• Developing right skills:


The next essential goal of these tests to fill the gaps between the skills of a person and the skills required to perform the job right. No one can possess all the right skills prior to joining. There is always scope for more. These tests help in analyzing which aspects or traits are missing and helps in deciding the training criteria and training requirements of a person. They ensure the best training as well as training effectiveness for better performance at the jobs. Also, with changing technology, it has become a requirement to continuously equip the employees with new skills and traits.

• Makes better leader:


These tests help in the overall development of the employee. They ensure proper training. They help in future planning, leadership development, and hence ensure the proper and overall development of employees as a whole. The leaning and development processes in the organizations are constant now. Organizations continuously aim at improving and bettering their employees for their personal good and for the overall contribution of the employees towards the organization.

Considering the benefits that psychometric tests provide, it can be said that it’s a better way of conducting interviews. It saves both the parties from a lot of time, effort and money which otherwise would have gone in manual or in-house interviews. It helps in making the right choice of candidates with all the right qualities that are needed to perform a particular job.

Recruitment, succession planning, and training and development constitute a very important role in today’s dynamics of the organization. These tests help in fulfilling these requirements most efficiently and reliably. The results of these tests can be used for present and future reference. Its results can be modified to suit various requirements of the job.

Also, with changing times and circumstances the tests can be modified which helps in locating and identifying the skills the interviewer is looking for in the given candidate.It helps in providing greater scope to choose from. It also helps in saving a lot of time, effort, or money which otherwise would have gone in manual work and manual interviews.

Recruitment is a very important aspect of any institution or organization. The kind of people recruited has to play a major role in the working and success of any organization. So, it constitutes a very important decision. These tests help in carefully analyzing the candidate and selecting the best one according to the job and its requirements.

The psychometric test for recruitment is new development. Over the period, they have shown excellent and reliable results. More and more companies, organizations are inculcating the use of these tests in their recruitment or training programs to ensure a high degree of reliability and better results. Thus, these tests should be widely used now.


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