If you plan to spend your New Year’s Eve at home, you might want to make sure that there are various foods as well as drinks. Although cocktails are connected to sunny weather and summer vibes, nothing prevents us from making them on New Year’s and enjoy the taste in those few days. Here are 10 cocktails that are easy to make and that will be perfect for your celebration.

1. Hibiscus Royale Champagne Cocktail

This is a simple cocktail to make, and it tastes perfect. The great thing about it is that it can be kept for up to one week before the party, which means that you can prepare it a few days earlier and let it sit. When the New Year’s Eve comes, it’s time to start the party.


2. Pomegranate Ginger Prosecco Cocktails

You don’t need too many ingredients for this delicious cocktail. With the combination of fresh ginger, Prosecco, gin and pomegranate juice, you will get this refreshing drink, perfect for the celebration. Of course, leave the bits of pomegranate to sit at the bottom of the glass.


3. Gibson Martini

If you are a fan of gin and dry vermouth, then this is the one you should prepare. It is really easy to make and delicious that you will want to drink it all at midnight. You can start with the preparation of this cocktail just before midnight because it takes only 5 minutes to make.


4. Red Velvet Cake Martini

Remember how on New Year’s Eve we make the resolutions? One of the most common resolutions is to start eating healthy, and even though I try each year, I give up quickly. Perhaps you can start your diet with a cocktail during the New Year’s. This is the best cake in martini form, and we are sure that you will love this drink.


5. Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail

When you combine pear-flavored vodka with white cranberry, you will get this amazing cocktail. This is perfect if you want to make something different and exotic and not everyone thinks of this as a drink for the big celebration, which means that you add an element of surprise as well.


6. Candied Grapefruit Cocktail

This cocktail looks outstanding with candied grapefruit pieces hanging at the top of the glass. The cocktail is fresh and tasty, just as it should be and it is going to tickle your taste buds.


7. French 75 Cocktail

All you need to make this simple cocktail is dry sparkling wine, gin and lemon juice. The cocktail looks fantastic, and I would reach out for it if I were at a party. It is best served in elongated glasses, and you can add a lemon peel to decorate the drink.


8. Champagne and St. Germain

The champagne you are serving may not be enough. If you really want champagne for your New Year’s Eve party, you can kick it up a notch by adding the elderflower liquor which gives an already delicious drink a hint of floral. Garnish it with any type of berry, and you have got yourself an amazing drink.


9. Ginger Cosmopolitan

For this one, you need to make a traditional cosmopolitan cocktail first and then add spicy fresh chopped ginger root. You will get the unexpected and exciting taste that everyone will love.


10. Royal Blue Cocktail

Instead of making regular cocktails, you can make something that looks (and tastes) wonderfully. This Royal Blue Cocktail will sweep you off your feet with its beauty (and if you drink too much). The deep blue color makes it look surreal.


Which of the cocktails we mentioned here is your favorite? Any would do for your New Year’s! Do you have suggestions of your own? Feel free to share it with us.


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