Forget about kale smoothies switch to ca**abis. Huh? As the New Year approaches, we should prepare for changes in the food world with these 10 nutrition trends the food industry experts think will rule 2019.

1. Ca**abis

A surveyed of almost 5,000 nutritionists and experts showed that ca**abis will have a greater impact on the health and nutrition around the world. “We’ve already seen CBD’s presence within coffee, cocktails and even olive oil in 2018,” said KIND’s forecast. “Next year, we anticipate CBD to permeate into other formats such as yogurts, soups and even salad dressings.” Food Network also reports that more nutritionists may consider cannabis benefits to take care of and help patients.

2. Lutein

Lutein is a plant-based compound in spinach, collards, kale, pumpkin, broccoli, pea, etc. that will surely gain more awareness next year. “[Lutein] plays a major role in the health of your eyes and more recent research is also looking at lutein’s relationship to cognitive function and brain health,” says the Food Network. In addition, according to the Natural Grocers forecast, lutein is able to protect the eyes from blue light. “Lutein preferentially accumulates in the macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision, where it filters damaging blue light and increases macular pigment density,” reports the Natural Grocers forecast.

3. Plant-Based Snacks

Snacks will become healthier in 2019. Food Network expects “better-for-you versions of snack foods made from beans, coconut, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.” Tastier snacks are the goal, not just the lack of calories. This will help to feed people’s desires for healthier choices.

4. Potatoes

Although potato chips are more and more undesirable, potatoes can still do their part in 2019. Food Network expects for “the easily digestible and nutrient rich carbs in potatoes” to be the fuel for people’s workouts. “Use potatoes in breakfast burritos, rice bowls and even muffins to help fire up muscles for exercise and aid in recovery post activity.” Please remember that greasy fried potatoes are not what they have in mind here.

5. Mushrooms

People are expected to embrace mushrooms in 2019. The research continues to prove their great health benefits. According to Natural Grocers, “mushrooms hold the power to support the immune system, blood sugar balance, brain health, liver health, respiratory health, hormone balance and can even boost energy levels.” More and more mushroom-centric products appear every year. “We’ll continue to see the category grow, with more mushroom teas, tonics, broths and coffees making an appearance in 2019,” Natural Grocers added.

6. Seed Butters

As a peanut butter alternative, almond, cashew and walnut butters gained traction some time ago. KIND predicts that they will have a huge part in 2019. “Keep an eye out for sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon seed butters — which share the same good fat profile of nut butters, but may offer an alternative for those with nut allergies,” KIND says. We do not believe they will ever go away despite this.

7. Infused Water

We all know that coconut water is famous for years. Now however, other infused waters are slowly gaining customers. They are looking for methods of hydration with more vitamins and minerals than regular water is able to provide. “Such options will include maple water, which contains less than half of the sugar of coconut water, as well as cactus water, which is promoted for skin revitalization,” say KIND experts.

8. A Focus on Ingredients

A stronger interest in ingredients is coming next year. Natural Grocers expects the consumers to focus less on facts and calories, and more on the ingredients. “2019 will foster a friendlier relationship with food that focuses on simple, clean ingredients in products made with whole, real foods.” KIND adds how consumers will put more value into what goes into the food they eat. The food companies will need to be much more open about what they do and how they make food.

9. Sugar Awareness

Sugar will be on the radar in 2019, as it has more enemies every year. Condiments like tomato sauce and even breads have unhealthy amount of sugars. KIND however says that consumers do not hate every sugar, but added sugar that does not occur in foods naturally. “Research has shown that dietary patterns lower in sugar-sweetened foods and beverages reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease — stressing the need for individuals to be mindful of their intake.”

10. Sustainable Choices

Last but not least, the general public is more aware than ever of the effects the food they eat has on the environment. This too is expected to grow in 2019. Food Network believes the consumers will limit food waste by planning meals ahead and storing food the right way to last longer. KIND anticipates that people will turn away from the perfect, Instagram worthy dishes in favor of uglier foods, or rather slightly flawed but edible meals. This will help bring down food waste. KIND also predicts that more people will eat less meat and dairy products, diminishing the climate impact even further.


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