Traveling overseas in order to receive medical treatment is something known as medical tourism. The industry has been booming, especially in the last few years, and more people than ever before are traveling abroad for a variety of medical reasons. The industry has seen exponential growth and development and offers numerous benefits, so if you are interested in learning more about this increasingly popular form of tourism, here are a few things to know about it.

1. It is More Affordable

Surgery or treatment abroad can save you up to 90% of expenses. This is partially due to the rising costs of medical care in developed countries and partially because of the low cost of living and labor in other places. Even when you add flight fees, accommodation costs, and transportation expenses, it will still be cheaper. Certain medical facilities even offer special packages or deals, making the entire experience that more affordable.

2. The Medical Staff is Extremely Qualified

The affordability of medical tourism might make you worried about treatment or service quality. It is completely understandable since people usually associate low prices with low-quality service. However, accreditation can easily be checked online and all it takes is a little research to ensure the quality of a hospital or clinic.

Joint Commission International certifies healthcare facilities that are high-quality and safe and this is something that most accredited institutions will display on their website. If your desired clinic or hospital is accredited by the JCI you have nothing to worry about. Most of the medical staff working in such facilities have received their training and certifications in countries such as Germany, America, and the United Kingdom, but have simply chosen to work elsewhere. This means that doctors and surgeons in such places are equally qualified, if not more, than the ones working in developed countries.

3. The Trip Can Serve as a Holiday Too

This is a great opportunity to experience the country‘s culture and explore the city you are visiting. Many people use the opportunity to enjoy their leisure time visiting interesting places and taking in some incredible sites, so you might also want to consider combining your treatment with a holiday. You can visit if you are interested in learning more.

4. Waiting Time is Significantly Reduced

Unlike in many developed countries, waiting lists in places such as Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, and the like are almost non-existent. No matter the type of care you are receiving, you will be able to undergo it in little to no time. This makes it much easier to plan your trip, especially on short notice, and you can organize it at a time that best fits your schedule.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there are also a few things you should do and consider before embarking on your trip. Some of them include:

Traveling with a Companion – No matter the type of surgery you are receiving, it is advisable to have a companion with you at all times. During the initial treatment and recovery period, a family member or friend can not only offer physical and mental support, but they can also help you avoid stress and ease the entire process.

Consulting with Your Regular Doctor – Your local doctor has full access to your medical history and is well aware of any medical issues you might have. This is why it is a good idea to seek advice before traveling abroad. Also, on both medical and trust levels, it would be great if your local and international doctors could talk and consult with each other before any action is taken.


There is a reason medical tourism has become a major industry and is continuing to grow each year. Not only can it save you money and time, but it will also ensure you get the right treatment as soon as possible.


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