The hernia is something we can all get if we don’t take enough care of our bodies. For those who don’t know, hernia is a state in which a part of your intestine protrudes through the muscles in the abdomen. A quality hernia belt should provide enough support to the muscle, preventing the intestine to protrude. They’re similar to sports belts used in weightlifting but on the other side, they’re used by people who treat hernia, aside from those who use it to prevent hernia.

Either way, although it’s not painful, a hernia can make your life a living hell, so you want to do everything to protect that from happening. In this article, we’ve examined a couple of hernia belts that we think are the best at the moment. The list is below.

1. Meditex Uriel Right Side Inguinal Belt

The best hernia belt in 2019 is Meditex Uriel Right Side Inguinal Belt that comes in a variety of sizes, from S to XL. With its simplistic and minimalistic design, this belt provides excellent functionality and doesn’t attract too much attention. On the inside, the belt comes with a soft pad, which is necessary for protecting the weakened muscles and applying pressure. Even though this belt will clench your stomach, it’s still comfortable because of soft parts. Talking about parts, we need to mention that there aren’t traces of metal here, so you don’t need to worry about metal detectors if you’re traveling.

As for its use, the manufacturer recommends it for both pre and post-surgery, as it can both prevent and accelerate the process of recuperation. For an affordable price, this belt has all the average user needs. It’s minimalistic, yet sturdy and comfortable. When you put it, you won’t feel that it’s there and you can work whatever you want during the day.

2. Wonder Care Double Inguinal Hernia Belt

If you have a double inguinal hernia, the hernia belt from Wonder Care is here to save you. The great thing about it is that it’s suitable for both sides, so if you’re unlucky and have a hernia on both sides, this one will be more than sufficient. With its functionality comes a drawback – it’s a bit bulky. Wonder Care took advantage of its dimensions and weight, hence they introduced cushions for applying pressure on the location of the hernia. We also have Velcro for adjusting pads, adjustable electric straps, and hook & loop closure. The belt is available in only three sizes – M, L, and XXL, which some may find as a downside.

As for the online reviews, many of them are positive, stating that the belt mitigated the symptoms of hernia before the operation. Due to its bulkiness, this belt also stays in place perfectly during the day, representing a loyal companion in your painful hernia days. All in all, a more-than-fine product for even the most demanding users.

3. OTC Hernia Belt

Design-wise OTC Hernia Belt is perhaps the simplest belt on the list. But, this simplistic design doesn’t compromise on comfort and ease of use. It’s elastic, allowing you to use it even if the size isn’t right. Because of its softness, the belt is great at supporting weakened abdominal muscles, contusions, tenderness, and weak pendulous abdomen. The ribbed elastic molds of the belt wrap your body perfectly, while the foam pad offers padding and rigidity. We also like that the manufacturer included almost all sizes, from S to 2XL. They also stated that you need to measure the fullest part of the abdomen, which means that it’s suitable even for those who like to eat much.

As expected, this belt isn’t visible under the clothes, even if you’re wearing a shirt or something similar. While some complaints were aimed toward the Velcro straps, almost all online reviews praise this belt. If you aren’t used to Velcro straps, it may seem a bit complicated attaching the belt. Those who got used to it will not be bothered by them.

4. Ufeelgood Ergonomic Belt

The Ufeelgood company will make sure that you feel good, which is proved by this extraordinary hernia belt. It’s comfortable, well-designed, and suitable for both pre and post-surgery. Even if you don’t have a hernia, you can wear this belt, as it can serve as prevention. Given its available sizes from XS to M, this belt is made for those with a tiny waist. For example, women can also enjoy this belt, which is something we rarely see in hernia belt manufacturers. As with the previous belt, this one is also made of elastic material, featuring two splints on the sides for reinforcing weak abdominal muscles.

Due to its minimalistic, black color, this belt won’t be seen under the clothes of similar color. It’s compact, simplistic, and effective at its job.

5. Curad Hernia Belt

Finally, we have Curad Hernia Belt, an excellent choice for those who want a durable and reliable belt for the inguinal hernia. The design isn’t the most innovative but the build quality is exceptional. The belt is made of lightweight material for added breathability and comfort and comes with hook & loop closure for compression pads and easy adjustment.

Curad Hernia Belt

Once again, this belt is great for single and double inguinal hernia, despite its low-profile design. This design allows the belt to blend in with your clothes, so it won’t be seen when you’re wearing it. The downside is that it’s available only in two sizes – S and M.


As mentioned above, the hernia is a disease that should be taken seriously. Even if it’s not painful, this state is prone to getting worse, and in some cases, the consequences can be fatal. We see that hernia belts don’t cost a fortune and if you’re reading this article from your PC or smartphone, you probably have some money to spend on the belt. If so, we recommend getting one, whether you have a hernia or not. It’s always better to prevent than to cure.


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