When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Walnut Creek, California, many professionals have been seasoned veterans, but there aren’t that many who are as young and offer cutting edge surgical procedures.

In this article, we’ll explain how Walnut Creek plastic surgery specialist provide cosmetic surgery, as well as explain some of the surgeries involved, which is most common, and more.

Who’s Dr. Kirman?

Doctor Christian Kirman, MD, FACS is somewhat new to the Walnut Creek area, but he’s already got a solid resume under his belt when it comes to cosmetic procedures. He offers many different forms of plastic surgery, but he is predominantly efficient in breast reconstruction, which is one of the number one types of plastic surgeries that are in effect in the United States today.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery in the United States

What is breast reconstruction? Well, we’ll spell it out for you (with the most common cause as to why breast reconstruction is necessary). Often-times, when a patient has breast cancer, no matter whether it is a man or woman, they lose their breasts because they are removed to remove the tumor. This can be both traumatic physically and emotionally. By reconstructing the breast altogether, Dr. Kirman – Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery can help give someone that physique and emotional confidence that they had before they had their breast or breasts removed.

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Not only this, but other examples include burn victims, scarring from traumatic events, and more. One method of reconstruction also involves removing the fatty tissue from the breast, then adding fatty tissues from other areas of the body to “recycle” the fats and put in the breast to help make it full again. Dr. Kirman is just one of the plastic surgeons in the area, but he has earned his right and reputation against others in the area by providing exceptional services to specialize in this field.

What About Other Procedures?

While breast reconstruction (and other breast procedures) are dominant in the Walnut Creek area, there are many others available, from facial procedures, to even body fat removal, that can be beneficial to not only your physical appearance but also for your confidence and overall health. Surgeries like the ones that Dr. Kirman provides are life-changing, and the primary purpose in them is that not only do you get the health benefits, but you can also be yourself again.


Is plastic surgery right for me? Not necessarily. But if you are considering plastic surgery, ask a lot of questions, and get ahold of someone like Dr. Kirman immediately for a consultation. Try to avoid surgeons who don’t “require” an initial consultation, because they won’t take the time to get to know you and your body. Most often, the case in these circumstances has proven to harm those who get surgery without proper communication, as they end up having complications such as infection and more. Some plastic surgeons are just in it for the money, so there’s no telling whether or not their work will be performed correctly, as well as some of these services can cause damage or harm to you or your body in worst-case scenarios.


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