In an era when virtually every part of our look can be changed, a new surgical treatment is known as “foxy eyes” or “cat eyes” has gained favour. Global top models and Instagram stars like Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner and the entire Jenner/Kardashian family as a whole have helped to popularise the fox eyes lift, which has now become a worldwide hot trend. Almond-shaped eyes, as well as raised eyes and brow corners, have emerged as a new beauty standard that everyone is raving about and wishes they possessed themselves. It’s no surprise because it’s the appearance of a stunning, self-assured lady who knows exactly what she wants in life. So here we are at icloudhospital are to provide you with the best fox eyes cosmetic surgery with the best group of surgeons.

The foxy eyes lift is best suited for whom?

Before you begin, you should determine whether or not this fashion trend is appropriate for you. Faces are unique in their features and change through time, which is true for everyone. It is likely that sneakily lifting the eyes will not be suited for all faces and that it may even make someone’s appearance worse as a result. To improve the appearance of the area around the eyes, surgical and non-surgical procedures such as “brow lifts” and blepharoplasty (eyelid correction) can be performed.


The following features are present:

  • a deep set of eyes
  • drooping (low) brows
  • particularly in the lateral area
  • slight eyebrow asymmetry
  • modest sagging around the corners of the eyes.

Why is a fox eye lift necessary?

A Fox eyelift / Fox eye thread lift works in two ways;

  • As a non-surgical procedure, the Eyebrow thread elevates the skin mechanically, giving the face an instant lift.
  • First and foremost, over time, the little conical threads (which are anchored deep under your skin) promote the body’s collagen synthesis, generating an entirely natural-looking lift.
  • Botox above the brows is given on the day of treatment to increase brow lifting and extend the results of the Eyebrow thread lift.

A non-surgical brow lift, Thread Lift (eyes), uses threads in three distinct ways:

  • Fox brows are a slang term for changing the form of one’s eyebrows. In line with the fox eye trend, which has nothing to do with the ageing process, this gives the appearance of wide-eyed, raised eyes.
  • To treat hooded lids or heavy brows, often result of ageing, patients should seek treatment for this indication no later than 30 years of age.
  • Thread is used to raise one brow and make it symmetrical with the other to address asymmetry.

As with any dissolvable stitch, the strands simply disintegrate in your skin over time.

What is the procedure for performing the foxy eyes lift?


Using threads, Foxy Eye Lifts provides a quickly raised impression to the brows and temple area, giving a fuller, more youthful appearance. As soon as the patient is sedated, the doctor uses a needle to inject threads around their brow ends and carefully pulls them towards their hairline to create a lifting effect before setting them in place. The threads will be absorbed by the patient’s body and provide the ideal foxy eyes appearance for up to one year after the procedure. When doing this procedure, we at JW Plastic Surgery employ unique Mint Threads. Because these threads are completely absorbent, they are compliant with the strictest safety regulations. This entire collection of products is intended to elevate the outside border of the upper eyelid, either physically or aesthetically, and gently move it towards the temples area.

To tighten and raise the skin, dissolvable sutures are used in a process known as a thread lift. Comparatively speaking, this is a less intrusive procedure than cosmetic surgery, and it may be finished in 45 minutes or less without using a knife. It is made of a biodegradable polyester suture thread used in the Polydioxane Thread Lifter (PDO) procedure. Generally speaking, they are most effective for renewing the skin, with certain newer types of lifting threads being more suited for raising sagging skin.

What is involved in the Fox Eye Lift Procedure?

  • Using a thread that is a dissolvable stitch that contains little cones, a thread is put under the skin, then tightened, allowing the cones of the thread to hook under the skin and raise the region being treated. Silhouette Soft® thread is the top thread on the market, and it is what we use at Dr Leah Clinic for all of our embroidery projects.
  • It takes no more than 20 minutes to complete the procedure while you remain awake.
  • A local anaesthetic is administered before the treatment, so no discomfort.
  • The results are immediate, and the recuperation period lasts several days, if not more.

What should you do to prepare for your operation?


Drinking alcohol and smoking for at least five days before surgery, as well as anything else that might raise your risk of bleeding or bruising, may be recommended by your surgeon.

  • To avoid dehydrating the skin and interfering with the passage of anaesthesia, smoking and consuming any type of alcohol should be avoided for at least one week before the surgery. Facilitates the recuperation process and ensures that the most beneficial therapeutic impact is achieved.
  • Before therapy, avoid taking omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, chile ginseng, garlic, krill, and other similar supplements for at least two days. Green tea and ginger tea should be avoided at all costs.
  • Aspirin-based drugs such as naproxen, neurophene, and ibuprofen should be avoided since they might cause bleeding, unneeded side effects, and difficulties, among other problems.
  • If you want to avoid high-intensity activity, head to the sauna or the steam room instead.
  • Pre-treatment consultation with your doctor is recommended.

Your doctor will give you instructions at hospital on how to recuperate after your operation by your doctor on the day of the surgery.


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