According to the historians, people started producing and eating cheese around 8000 B.C. The ancient Greeks were the ones who turned the cheese-making into art. Every country has at least one type of cheese, and it is a true delight to try them out. We have separated 13 types which you must eat at least once.

1. Pecorino

This cheese called Pecorino was produced in a small town near Rome 2000 years ago. Over time, the manufacturers of this cheese, which is made of ewe’s milk relocated to Sardinia where it was sold. This is a type of hard cheese, and you can eat it diced as a side dish, or with pasta. Italy is the country with over 400 cheese types, and this is one of the best.

2. Camembert

Camembert is a cheese similar to Brie, but it is slightly younger. It is made of cow’s milk. Once it is acidified, it is put into molds. After a while, you need to turn it to the other side without applying pressure. This is an unusual manufacturing process, which makes the cheese soft. Mold Penicillium Candida and Penicillium Camamberti form around the cheese, and when you slice it, the soft mixture oozes out. It is one of the top sellers in Paris, France.

3.  Gruyere

Gruyere cheese is named after the city in Switzerland in which it was made for the first time in the 12th century. It is made of cow’s milk, and after acidification, it is sliced into narrow pieces and boiled at low temperature to release moisture. This cheese has holes which are caused by the bacteria that release Carbon Dioxide.

4. Mascarpone

It is a unique cheese, and it comes from Italy. It was made in the 16th century for the first time, and it contains around 75 percent of fat. This cheese has an ivory color and wonderful taste which has a similar flavor to cream or yogurt. It is used as one of the ingredients for Tiramisu.

5. Red Windsor Cheese

If you have had enough of white and yellow cheeses, there is a red cheese that comes from England and that will tickle your taste buds. It tastes similar to Cheddar, and it is made out of cow’s milk. After the long process of making it, the cheese dices are doused with Port or Bordeaux wine after which you need to let it stand for the color to apply.

6. Casu Marzu

Another cheese that comes from Sardinia, Italy and it is made of ewe’s milk is named Casu Marzu. The direct translation would be “rotten cheese,” but it is also known as the Maggot Cheese. You need to eat this cheese while maggots are crawling because it is not a good idea to eat it when they die. This cheese is quite expensive and forbidden in the EU.

7. Nettle

There are two variants of Nettle cheese. The older one is Yarg, and it is made in Cornwall, England. The second version type of cheese from the Netherlands and it is slightly younger. The making process of these two is different, and they have a unique taste.

8. Stilton Cheese

The first time Stilton Cheese is made was in 1730 in Stilton, England. Stilton Cheese is protected which means that it has to be made following the strict rules and regulations. After the process, you will get round, creamy cheese which is filled with blue mold when it is cut. It is not too strong which means that everybody can enjoy it.

9. Epoisses de Bourgogne

This cheese is slightly hard to find in the markets, and its stench is the most powerful one among cheeses. That is why this one is forbidden to carry in public transportation. The stench is similar to ammonia, and you need to be brave if you want to try it.

10. Danablu

Danablu is one of the world’s most famous cheeses, and it comes from Denmark. Danablu or Danish Blue is the most powerful one among blue cheeses, and it dates from the first years of 20th century. It is made of cow’s milk and finding it on the market is quite easy, which doesn’t reduce its quality.

11. Emmental

Emmental comes from Switzerland, and it is famous for its large homes and thick structure. Its color is dark yellow and the bigger the holes, the more powerful the cheese. Emmental is best used with salmon or ham sandwich.

12. Halloumi

France and Italy are leaders in the cheese industry, but Greece is right behind them. The cheese named Halloumi comes from Cypress, and despite high-end technology, it is still made in a traditional way which is quite unusual. You can make Halloumi from goat or ewe’s milk, but the slightly cheaper variant is to make it from cow’s milk. However, the taste is not the same when the cheese is made with cow’s milk, and if you have a choice, try the first or the second variant. The Greeks took this recipe from Bedouins. The outer layer of the cheese is crunchy, but the interior is soft and delicate. You can eat this cheese alongside a salad, or you can grill it for a different flavor.

14. Limburger

Limburger cheese comes from Belgium, but you can find it in large quantities in Germany and North America. It is famous for its scent which reminds people of dirty feet smell. This only proves that the cheese is quite tasty and you would enjoy it.



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