While some of the groceries must be removed from the kitchen hours after the expiration date, there are some foods which you can use even though the date on the box has passed. The fact is that a lot of people are afraid to consume the “expired food,” but some products can last much longer than we are led to believe. Not all products have the expiration date due to the popular belief. However, we do recommend you inspect the foods after if it has expired before you put it on the plate. Some foods that can go foul right away are meat, fish, and seafood, but a lot of other products are good to eat.
The research has been conducted in the UK where a family throws away £60 worth of food per month on average just because of the expiration date on the package. We have created the list of foods you can eat despite what the date on the package says. However, take into consideration, that all of the foods need to be stored properly before they are used. They can go foul before the expiration date if they are not kept accordingly. Anyway, let’s get on to the list.


Cookies might lose its freshness, but you can still eat it if you get a sweet tooth, weeks after the expiration date.



Spaghetti, macaroni and other kinds of pasta are dried and packed which means that more than a year can pass and they would still be fine to eat.


Canned food

You will eat most of the canned food before the expiration date, but even when that day comes, you don’t have to worry. As long as cans are not pierced, they will protect the content inside for years.



If you store bread properly, you can eat it for days after the expiration date. However, you will see the changes immediately, and you will see when it goes bad.



Pickling is a great way to store food which can last for years. The most common one is the pickled cucumber.



Eggs can be used for a few weeks after the expiration date if they are kept in the fridge. If the egg goes bad, you will be able to tell due to foul smell.



Chocolate is another food that you don’t have to through away because it has expired. Even though the surface can become crusty, it is because sugar is crystallized after some time. This doesn’t matter, and as long as it tastes good, you can enjoy it.


Hard Cheeses

Even if mold stars forming on the surface of the hard cheese, you can remove it because it can penetrate the surface. The cheese is then good to eat.


Frozen vegetables

If it hasn’t been opened and taken out of the freezer, the frozen vegetables can last forever in theory. However, if you notice an odd smell or different color, throw it away immediately.



If it hasn’t been opened or there isn’t any hole in the package, you can use it up to three weeks after the date has expired. But if the structure is change and tastes like foul milk, don’t drink it.



As long as it looks green and fresh and not moldy, you can eat it.



Drinks with a high percentage of alcohol such as brandy, vodka, gin, whiskey, and many others can be used for a long time after the expiration date. But you will most likely drink it way before that happens.



When speaking about milk, the expiration date is not that relevant. It can go foul before the date, or sometimes you can use it after it is expired. As long as it tastes good, you will be fine but always check before using it.


Soy sauce

Soy sauce contains high amounts of salt and salt is preservative which keeps soy sauce in good condition even years after expiration date.



As long as you keep sugar in the dark and cool place, you can use it for as long as necessary.



Honey cannot go bad. The only thing which happens to honey is crystallization, which is a natural process but you can keep eating it without any worries for your health.


White rice

White rice is packed with preservatives, and if you keep it unpacked, you can use it even after the expiration date.



We use vinegar as preservative, which makes it natural for it to last indefinitely. If the bottle stays open for a long time, it may change its taste, but you can use it for as long as you need.



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