When we talk about Taylor Swift, we know that she is a great artist and somebody who is highly successful in what she does. We also know that she likes her cats, great Instagram photos, her squad and the food. Even though she is pretty busy, recording new songs, going on tours and filming her music videos, we can see that she is quite a good cook. She is always in great shape as well, which just goes to show you that she eats quality food.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the things that she eats, as well as her favorite foods.
While there are some unhealthy treats that she does consume, the fact of the matter is that she keeps it healthy most of the time.


Chicken and dumplings – In Nashville, this is her top choice. Taylor really likes this meal and we don’t blame her. It’s delicious.


Chicken tenders – Even though not all ways of making the chicken are the healthiest, eating chicken is always going to be good for you. That is why Taylor enjoys in these tenders.


Coffee – This is no doubt her favorite beverage. She does enjoy her coffee very much. We bet that some of you love to during coffee just as much as Taylor does.


Cookie dough – As we said, she does eat clean most of the time. But she also likes to enjoy food, so she always has something for binge eating in her fridge. Cookie dough is her go-to choice.


Hummus – A healthy choice, something that she always has in her fridge. It is a staple for her.


Homemade baked goods – We told you that she has become quite a cook. Well, she is a good baker as well and she does make something nice her from time to time, especially if it’s time for a cheat meal.


Orange Juice – Coffee is her favorite, but the day doesn’t go by without her taking a sip of the good old O.J. Who doesn’t love a glass of orange juice?



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