We often slag when it comes to taking care of our mental health. We care more about our physical appearance. Yes, one should take care of their body, but mental health should be a higher priority than going to a beauty parlor, etc. 

When our mental health is not good, we start disliking everything. Which ultimately starts showing on our faces too. The point is, if you don’t take care of your mental health, you won’t get a good appearance either. Hence, it’s a lose, lose. 

When it comes to taking care of our mental health, the first that comes to our mind is “Anti-Depressants.” Most people are against prescribed medications because of the chemicals and side effects that come along with them—another reason why is because medications are very expensive. However, PricePro Pharmacy verified products are very reasonable when it comes to pricing. The reason why they are reluctant is fair. However, that’s not the only method of improving your mental health.

In this article, we will be sharing some natural remedies of how we can take care of our mental health.

Let’s begin!

1. Sleep

Make sure you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Maintain the quality of your sleep. The quality of your sleep matters more than the quantity. A power nap here and there is fine but make sure you sleep straight for 7 hours at night. 

Furthermore, switch off your electronics before going to bed. The light beaming in from our electronics or even from the street lights meddle with our sleep a lot. And you do not want a disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep can cause anxiety, bloating, pimples, dark circles, confusion, migraines, dizziness, irritation, and anger issues. All these problems will lead to an unproductive day.

Moreover, establish a proper sleeping schedule for yourself. For example, if you go to bed at nine tonight, try going to bed at nine again tomorrow night. Also, avoid having large meals before going to bed. Large meals may result in disturbed sleep. Other than that, if you have trouble sleeping at night, you can always consider taking melatonin.

Studies show that recurrent sleep problems affect 50% to 80% of patients in conventional psychiatric practice. Common mental disorders that can be avoided by establishing good sleep patterns are Depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.

2. Exercise


Make Exercise a daily habit. Make sure Exercise is the first thing you start your day with. Many people like working out later in the day after they are done with all of their other tasks. If you also have a habit of putting Exercise at the end, change this habit immediately. 

Exercising later in the day can exhaust you mentally and physically, which will further result in dizziness, irritation, mood swings, etc. Therefore, avoid doing this.

Exercises such as running, jogging, cycling, etc are found to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, so these exercises must be added to your daily routine. Moreover, Exercise also boosts self-esteem and cognitive function.

3. Hydrate And Eat Good


A balanced diet is a perfect way to go. Foods that are rich in fiber are very good for your health. Fiber-rich foods also improve your metabolic rate, and apparently, a good bowel movement can relieve anxiety. 

Also, fruits like bananas increase serotonin in our brains, leaving us more energetic and happy. Have a good diet and stay healthy mentally and physically.

Furthermore, make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day, as even mild dehydration can have a huge effect on your mind and body. Therefore, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

4. Talk With Your Loved Ones


Everyone goes through a rough patch in their lives, so while many people consider it as an indication of weakness to speak their mind and discuss the situation, it is essential for your well being and doing what you can to stay mentally fit.

Having light conversations can prove an extremely convenient way to deal with a problem you’re carrying for a while now. Just being listened to can ease the pain and clear your head to a greater extent, and who knows, if you open up, it may motivate others to open up too.

If you feel uncomfortable at first or just find the whole experience awkward, give it some time. Make opening up and talking something you do.

5. Avoid Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking


As much as consuming alcohol, drugs, and smoking gravely affect your physical appearance, its effects on your mental health are more far-reaching and dreadful. It not only dulls your participation in daily life works but greatly affects your self-esteem and integrity in your workplace, neighborhood, family, etc. hence isolating you from worldly affairs and putting you on a path of darkness.

Physical health deterioration is another impact. Prolonged consumption of alcohol can lead to a deficiency of Thiamine. Thiamine is important for our brain function, and a lack of Thiamine can result in severe memory problems, Nervous system disorders, bewilderment, and eye problems.

Smoking is considered as the leading cause of lung cancer in the world. Moreover, it induces irritability and anxiousness. Other drugs also have detrimental effects on your mental and physical health. Studies show that the use of some drugs is related to developing schizophrenia, paranoia, and delusion.

6. Develop A Hobby


In this highly urbanized and busy era, we often forget to spend some time with ourselves. It is imperative to our mental health that from time to time, we must try to make time doing the fun things that we enjoy.

If you like to go for a walk, painting, baking, gardening, etc., then set aside a time for carrying out these activities that you really enjoy. If we fail to do so, then we can become irritable and unhappy. So make time to do things that you really enjoy once in a while. It freshens up your mind and rejuvenates you as a whole. It will also improve your work efficiency.


Mental health problems like stress and anxiety can be self-treated; however, if the condition worsens, consult a medical professional as soon as possible.


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