For the impatient person that wants to lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle, the most common question that gets on their mind is – Is 30 minutes of exercise enough?

While any amount of exercise is good for the body, 30 minutes is a great place to start. While we’ve given you the short answer to your dilemma, there are other things to consider when thinking of doing short 30-minute exercise sessions.

How Much Do We Really Need?

If you’re really thinking of changing your lifestyle, slimmer down, or just looking to get your cardio up, then it’s really up to your choosing.

While the average adult requires around 150 minutes of weekly exercising to truly experience the benefits that come with it, any amount is enough as getting people motivated to work out can be rather tricky.

150 minutes also sounds like a lot of hard work, a lot of minutes, and a lot of commitment. But if we take into account that this is the optimal weekly amount, then we come to the conclusion that 30 minutes a day is more than enough.

Now, there are different types of exercises that involve running, weightlifting, or using your own body weight. Naturally, different types of exercises will help you achieve different things.

If you’re lifting weights, then you’re working on your muscles thus you’re making it easier to form muscle mass. If you’re running or riding your bike, then you’ll be slimming down that beer belly much faster.

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits that come with a 30-minute exercise.

Benefits of a 30-Minute Exercise

Healthy Heart

The potential diseases that can affect your heart due to lack of healthy living and exercising include strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more. By doing a 30-minute exercise each day, you are minimizing the risks and keeping your body and heart properly functioning.

Weight Loss

The most obvious benefit that many people get into exercising because of, a 30-minute workout routine can greatly help you slimmer down and burn calories. Add to it a comprehensive weight-loss plan and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Stress Reduction

It goes without saying that stress can really hurt a person. It is also said that stress is the biggest killer of society; that and obesity. So, exercising isn’t only good for weight loss, it’s also good for stress reduction.

But how? Well, it’s all down to our ability to produce norepinephrine. This is a chemical that stimulates our brain from responding to stress. If you ever feel stressed because of life or work, then doing a 30-minute workout routine will help you lower it tenfold.

Not only that, but exercising can also create a mental barrier that protects you from stress.

Improve Your Mood

Yet another mental benefit that comes with working out is the fact that we feel much happier after a session. This is because our brain produces all sorts of chemicals while we work out. One of those chemicals is directly responsible for our ability to feel much happier and much more relaxed. The height of this feeling is when you finish your 30-minute daily workout routine.

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Kick of Energy

Whenever we’re on low energy, the bed looks quite a formidable ally. However, this only makes matters worse and the great way to get our energy back is by working out.

Whether you’re thinking of going to the gym, workout at home, or go out running, all three options are great for getting your energy back.

But how do we actually do that? Well, by working out, moving, exercising, etc, you are delivering oxygen to all parts of your body. The most important are the muscles which help stimulate the cardiovascular system, which is responsible for blood circulation.

A 30-minute workout session will be just enough to shake things up and get your much-needed energy levels up and running.

Improved Memory

Memory loss isn’t something we have a say in, but we can numb it or prevent it from deteriorating.

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are something that people cannot escape from. But, a quick exercise can help you with the production of cells in the hippocampus part of your brain. This is the part responsible for memory and learning, thus making it a vital tool.

Increased Productivity

There are many reasons why we might be feeling less productive or unwilling to work. Some reasons are directly related to motivation, while others are related to laziness. If any are the problem, then there is a way for you to increase your productivity.

If we would use one word to describe it, it would be exercise.

Exercising gives us the much-needed help to break that 2 PM slump we’re in. There is no better way for you to gain your productivity than to take a quick stroll around the office or perhaps even take a walk in a nearby park.

More Creative

Everyone needs creativity whether for work or something else personal. But it can be hard to get creative after sitting around the whole day.

And as it stands, there is no better way to get creative than to take a short 30-minute exercise break. A short workout will not only be a healthy lifestyle routine, but also a great way to recharge your batteries.

Improved Self Confidence

A lot of people lose their self-confidence after taking a good look at their bodies in the mirror. But not only that, losing your self-confidence is something that can happen anytime and to anyone. You can be the most ripped person in the world and still feel unconfident. But exercising is a great way to take it back! So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get sweaty, and get dirty.


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