Lice are not a dangerous kind of animal that you need to worry about. However, if your hair has lice, you can be sure that your life will not be that nice at all. You will end up scratching your head all of the time. As an addition to that, if you could not find the queen, you will always have the lice forever.

The worst of all is that lice can be easily transferred from one person to another person. It means if you are hanging out with your friends and one of them have the lice, there is a great tendency that you will have the lice too. That is why you need to know that there are some lice symptoms that you need to be aware of according to Here are some of those symptoms that you can check on your own.

Tickling Feeling in Your Head

The first one is tickling feeling that you feel on your head. For your information, lice are moving on the top of your head. They do not just stop at one spot in your head. That is why when they are moving, you might feel that there is something moving on the top of your head.

It means if you are feeling that something is moving on your head, this might be one of those signs that the lice are moving on your head. As an addition to that, there is a possibility that the queen is moving out from your head. When this happen, you might feel that there is something moving around the area of your head with some hairs. Most of the time, the queen can easily reach your neck or your shoulder without you realize it. So, you need to be careful.

Sore Because of the Scratch

The second symptom that you can consider as the symptom of lice is the sore that you feel when you scratch your head scalp. You cannot deny that scratching your scalp when you feel itchy is one of the nicest feeling to have. If the itch comes from dandruff, that will give you the satisfying feeling.

However, if you have lice, there will be a bit of sore or pain when you are scratching the scalp of your hair. It is because the scalp is actually damaged because of the lice. As the result, you will feel a bit sore if you scratch on some parts of your head scalp. It is as if you are scratching on the area that are already damaged. That is why if you feel some sore feeling after you scratch your hair, there is a possibility that you have lice.

Sleeping Problems

Some people might think that there is no correlation between sleeping problems and the lice. However, there is actually a slight correlation that you need to know between the sleeping problem with the lice. Since your head scalp is damaged, you will feel a bit sore when your head scalp is pressed down against the pillow. You might not feel it directly, but it surely affects your sleeping quality.

As an addition to that, when you are sleeping, some of those lice do not stop moving. As a matter of fact, this is the best time for them for breeding. When those lice do that, your unconscious mind will think about them because of the movement on the head. It means even though your body is resting, your brain is not resting at all. That is why people with lice will usually have problems with sleeping.

Red Bumps

The next symptom that you can surely check is the appearance of red bumps near your head scalp. For those who have medium or long hair, the red bumps might not be that visible. However, if your hair is relatively short, you can easily notice the red bumps on the scalp of your head.

As an addition to that, the scalp can also occur on the neck to the shoulder area because those lice are moving to find some other spots to eat and live. For your information, if the size of the red bumps is quite small and the numbers are quite a lot, then it almost a hundred percent sure that you have lice. However, if the bumps is a bit big and the number is not that many, then it might be caused by some other things other than lice.

Intense Itching

The next symptom is the intense itching. As you have known before, there are a lot of reasons why you feel the itch on your head scalp. Some of them are the dandruff and the lice. If you have problems with dandruff, you will only feel the itchy feeling, not the intense itching.

It is because the production rate of the dandruff is not that fast. However, if you feel the intense itching every single day, then it is one absolute thing that you have the lice. It is because the lice only need few days to multiply. As a matter of fact, you can comb your hair with the tight comb once every week and still find the lice every single time you do that. That is because they have multiplied every single day.

The Lice Eggs

The last but not least is the appearance of the lice eggs. This is one thing that you cannot deny because if you have found the eggs, it means the lice are there on your head scalp. For your consideration, when you find the eggs, you should not worry that much. It is because if you worry that much, it will worsen the condition of your scalp.

That is why it is better for you to try finding the alternative or some other medication that you can try. It is because using the tight comb will not work anymore. There are a lot of medicines that you can find at the drug store. Make sure you know how to use the medicine properly or you will not get rid of the lice from your scalp.


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