Education and knowledge play an essential role in developing a nation. You cannot gain knowledge until you do not educate yourself; it directly correlates to it. It is the only critical factor that shapes not just one human being; it develops the entire generation. Think of it as an investment, the more you invest, the more benefit you and the society will yield at large.

As you gain knowledge, you begin to understand the world around you. You can develop a proper perspective of looking at life and also form opinions. Knowledge stands as a ground hold of any society anywhere in the world and is a crucial element in addressing social problems. Without it, no nation can survive.

Social problems

What does social problem mean? A social problem is a factor or an issue faced within a society that affects the real world. There are numerous examples you can think of regarding this, like racism, rape, unemployment, discrimination based on religious practices, ideas, and whatnot.

As a youngster, it was easy to make sense and distinguish between right and wrong, but as we grow up, we get to make more significant decisions and tend to understand the world in a more sophisticated way.

You begin your training as soon as you end up in school, gain exposure to various cultures, ethnicities, languages, and traditions. Communication and interactions through multiple activities or projects within a classroom were possible since it was a more controlled environment.

When you talk about a society or a nation, it lacks control since the population is in masses. And a bird’s eye view on every human being in that society is close to impossible. That is where the societal issues are born.

The BIG Propaganda

As you turn back in time, you will find out that leaders have been using propaganda as a secret weapon for their desires and needs. Propaganda is biased and misleading information used to promote a point of view or a political cause. It is a tool used to manipulate society in making them believe specific thoughts and understandings, which are then used against another person’s belief.

Click here to learn more about the History of American propaganda.

In this era, we can see propaganda in the form of journalism and media. You will commonly find this practice in the non-democratic countries for the indoctrination of citizens. And sadly, this practice will continue to spread until we do not put a stop to it. Otherwise, humans will continue bearing exploitation at the hands of power.

What good can education bring to all this?

What we as humans don’t realize is that education can do wonders to shape our lives. Not only does it help you mold your character, but it also provides awareness of all the evils happening around you. A desire to bring a change develops within and expands your outlook and vision to see the world.

Gaining sufficient knowledge will never harm you; you will learn about your society and your responsibilities as a citizen. You will be able to adopt adequate and appropriate social reforms and analyze your social structure to bring about change.

Education can stop crimes

Education has also played a significant role in eradicating crime levels in the country. Engaging people in education and providing them with enough resources and support to develop their potential.

Through schooling, you learn to become more patient and understand the multifaceted society. You would also find out that the maximum crimes committed is due to a lack of knowledge.

Examples of how knowledge shaped society over the years

There are numerous examples at present that we witness occasionally—lack of educational resources in rural areas and prohibiting women from gaining proper education. With the help of knowledge, women achieve empowerment to stand up and fight for their rights. Many underdeveloped and developing countries around the world are unable to provide women proper education and usually marry off little girls forcibly.

Another ongoing example can be the fight to end racism in the account of killing the minorities in the US. We can see both black and white people and other ethnicities, standing up in support of the colored community. If you look through history, slavery of people of color by the hands of white people had been taking place for many years.

Today, education has brought a significant evolution in people’s thoughts and beliefs. They finally realized that color does not define your status, being human does.


Education should be encouraged to add to the economic growth of a country. It uplifts the human mind and brings in the desire to be a pioneer of a social change, which builds up a better, safer, and healthier society to live in.


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