Are you having double thoughts about your oral hygiene even after brushing twice a day with the best brushes and toothpastes? If you are still unable to get that flawless smile after all the efforts, maybe you are missing out on flossing.

Flossing not only contributes to your dental health but cosmetic dentistry as well. That’s why we have brought a detailed guide on all the how, why, which, when and what’s of flossing to improve your smile with a simple routine. So, stick till the very end of this article!

Why Do You Need To Floss?

Every time you visit your dentist, the constant question is “Did you floss regularly?” because it matters a lot! No matter how efficient bristles your toothbrush has, it can never reach in between your teeth and gums. Here are the major causes for you to NEED floss!

Deep Protection Of Gums And Teeth

The teeth and gums are complex structures consisting of 5 layers. Your toothbrush is only able to penetrate 3 of these layers, and the rest 2 must be guarded by flossing. If flossing is not done properly and frequently, the plaque and bacteria can easily build up in the unreachable spots of your gums and teeth. Such a situation will eventually cause the rotting of your gums and inner layers of teeth.

Protection From Diseases


Since flossing prevents any plaques and bacterial growth, they also prevent the formation of gingivitis (a condition in which gums become red, puffy and easy to bleed). These gingivitis can get their toxins into the bloodstream causing various diseases related to heart, blood, and respiratory tract.

Health Benefits

Though it is said that you should brush every time after a meal, it can damage your enamel in some cases. However, flossing can be done after every meal without any side effects. Moreover, floss is essential to remove the stuck leftovers in between your teeth and gums.

Top 5 Reason To Floss Regularly

Prevents Gum Damage

Other than the cosmetic dentistry causes, floss is a must part of your dental care routine for your healthy and red gums. Flossing won’t only prevent plaque but keep the gums free from any excessive layers of staining drinks too.

Protects From Heart Diseases

How does a cosmetic dentistry routine prevent heart diseases? Because flossing eliminates any buildup of plaque and bacteria immediately at their weak stages.

The untreated plaque can enter your bloodstream causing the blockage of various veins or arteries which can even result in a heart attack. It is known that 20% of people who have bleeding gums end up with heart diseases.

Brighten Your Smile


By flossing, you can be sure about gently removing and treating staining factors from each cm of your teeth, giving you a white, bright, and attractive smile.

Protects Teeth

Yes! It is the main purpose of flossing but it is more than you know. The food can be stuck in and on your teeths in several forms such as candy, oil, fat, meat and much more. Unfortunately, all of these food forms cannot be tackled by toothpaste. So, no matter how hard you try, you NEED to floss to get rid of leftovers from your teeth even if it looks all clean.

No More Bad Breath

The smell from your mouth is generated by the plaque on your teeth and the bacterial build up on your tongue. So, flossing your teeth and tongue is the most effective way to avoid those embarrassing smelly moments.

How Often And When To Floss?

It is highly recommended to floss at least once a day and that too before going to bed. This way you will be able to remove all the residues of your entire day and sleep with an all clean mouth.

However, it is better to floss twice a day or after every meal to eliminate the chance of debris build up. Constant and frequent flossing will never cause any harm to your teeth or gums until you are doing it wrong.

Types Of Flossing


Waxed Floss

These floss have wax coating over them making it easier to glide between teeth without breaking. If you have very minimal or nearly no gap between your teeths, waxed floss isn’t a good option for you. Waxed Floss are perfect for people with a little space between their teeth.

Unwaxed Floss

Unwaxed floss is the exact opposite of waxed floss. It is without the wax coating and easiest to glide in between teeths with nearly no gap. The only downside is that it might break easily too.

Water Flosser

As suggested by the name, the water flosser exhibits water with an adequate pressure to clean the in between of your teeth. It can be a bit costly initially but the total expense of water flosser per year is less than the regular floss.

Dental Tape

Dental tape is very similar to dental floss. It is a twisted nylon fragment a bit wider and thinner than the regular floss. Dental tape isn’t suitable for people with little gaps between teeth.

PTFE Floss

These floss are made of polytetrafluorethylene. It can easily slide between crowded teeth without breaking or fraying. However, due to material choice, the health side effects can be a concern for some. It is recommended to consult your Mississauga dentist at Skymark SmileCentre before the usage.

The Floss Picks

These are small plastic tools having little pieces of floss attached at the front. These are convenient for people who floss more often or for kids to start flossing.

Tips For Better Flossing


Here are the tips to floss perfectly without any damage.

  • Take an 18 inch piece of floss.
  • Wrap the floss around your index finger leaving only two inch of floss.
  • Make a strong grip on the floss with your index finger and thumb.
  • Noe carefully moves the floss up and down between the teeth. Slightly curve the floss near gums and move back and forth gently making sure that the floss reaches the gumline.
  • Never force, put pressure, or snap your floss. It’s always better to stay gentle.


For an attractive and happy smile, you need a clean and healthy smile first. Flossing is as vital as brushing your teeth for a white and bright smile and to prevent any health hazards. So, make sure to follow all the above-mentioned tips on how, why, which and when to floss.


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