A big percentage of people, both men, and women have dozens of products at home that they never use because they never understood in which order they should apply them. One product is for moisturizing, another is for skin healing, the third one is used for nutrients and there are also several different types of products that can make a skincare routine even more confusing.

However, instead of giving up on all of those products you have bought, you should learn how to properly use them and build your own skincare routine.

You have to apply all of these products in the correct order otherwise they will be completely useless – or you could even cause damage to your face. To help you create your own skincare routine for 2024, we have made a short step by step guide that will cover every aspect of this subject.

Wash your face

One of the most important things you can do to keep your face smooth and healthy is to wash it. Whether it is in the morning or at night, it is important that you wash it, to clean it from irritants that may cause problems to your skin. Rolling around on your pillow throughout the entire night, you surely have picked up some dust or other irritants on your face.

So, the moment you get up, go to the bathroom and wash your hands first. Make sure to scrub everywhere and between the fingers too to ensure that the hands are properly clean. You do not want to be touching your face with dirty hands, right?

Once you have made sure that your hands are clean, you can start gently rubbing your face with warm water. Don’t use too much force because too much pressure can be damaging to the skin. Splash yourself a couple of times with water and then with a dry, soft towel you start slowly wiping. We recommend that you avoid using regular soap while washing because it can dry your skin.

Apply a toner

Assuming that you want to use a toner, you should know that it should be applied only before you do everything else and after cleansing.

Once you have made sure that both your face and your hands are dry enough, put a few drops of toner into your palms and then start massaging it onto your face. Make sure you cover every single area. There’s nothing wrong with “too much” toner. You can do this part of the routine in the morning and before bed too.


Once you are done with the toner, you can move on to the next step, serum. Not everyone likes the effect of the serum, so if you do not feel comfortable using it, you can just move on to the next step.

The serum is a great way to provide your skin with a bit of vitamin C which will prevent any irritants from sticking onto your face. The vitamin will last you throughout the entire day which means there is probably no need to apply it at night since you will be using it again in the next morning.

A serum is the best way to add hydration without feeling sticky. You can also use this on areas below the head such as the neck and the shoulders. If you are unsure which serum you should be using, you can click here and read the Jeunesse Global Review which will tell you whether their products are right for you.

Moisturizing eye cream

It is not uncommon to have bags under your eyes after a bad night of sleep or during a stressful week at work. There is nothing wrong with feeling tired sometimes. But, instead of waiting for your sleepiness and the baggy eye look to disappear, you can start adding an eye cream to deal with it. We recommend that you should always add the eye cream before a moisturizer.

When looking for an eye cream, make sure that they use a metal roller-ball because it is easier for application and it will last longer than usual. After consistently using eye cream for about a week or two, you will never feel the bags under your eye weighing you down again.


One of the best ways to keep your skin your hydrated is with a moisturizer. Not only will it keep you fresh, but it will also hold down all of the other products you used throughout the entire day. Think of it as a layer of protection for the eye cream, toner, and the serum. Keep in mind, even if you have a problem with oily skin, it is still better to apply moisturizer. It will help you regenerate everything that you have lost during the day.

If you can, try to look for a moisturizer that has SPF 20 or higher. Getting a bit of extra protection from the sun is never bad, right?


If you notice red breakouts across your face or any rashes, you should consider adding retinoid to your morning routine because it can help with cell growth. In fact, most experts claim that retinoid is probably the most effective way of epithelial (skin) cell growth. It can also reduce the strength of your fine lines and the depth of the wrinkles making you look a bit younger.

Although, we believe that it is important to note that people with sensitive skin may have trouble dealing with retinoid. This product can be the cause of those irritations or breakouts, so be careful when applying it. Do a test period of one week and see what the results will show you.


Last but not least, sunscreen. The Sun is our and the planet’s friend, but its UV rays can be quite devastating at times, especially during the summer days. You have to make sure that you stay protected because it can cause serious damage to your skin or it might even lead to cancer. So, a bit of 30 SPF before you go out is always a good idea.

By adding these steps into your morning skincare routine, your face will certainly start looking much healthier and younger.


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