Using birth control methods is becoming common around the world. In the US, almost every woman uses birth control at some point in her life. Furthermore, it helps you plan your family life according to your mental state. So when you are ready to carry on the family responsibilities, you can think about that. Otherwise, live your life freely and enjoy your single life as long as you want.

The selection of the right contraception method is the most crucial step. As the number of contraceptive methods increased, the selection becomes tricky. You have to choose the method that suits your body. Therefore, you need professional help. But before that, you can learn more about the different techniques available and which one you prefer. Thus, after making your decision, you can discuss it with your physician and finalize the one to use.

Source: provides you the best birth control options to choose from. You get the complete details of all the methods to view them all according to your ease. Furthermore, you can discuss them with your physician and also your partner. This will help you out with the selection of the right birth control method so that you can enjoy your life freely.

Different contraception methods work differently and so you have to choose for yourself. Here is a list of some of the standard birth control techniques that are being used by women.

1. Emergency contraception


Emergency contraception comes to your rescue when you have been blown away by your hormones. You forgot to take precautions and had sex and now you are worried about it. So, this method will help you out at such a moment and will prevent pregnancy. This method uses contraceptive pills to deal with pregnancy.

There are two types of pills for this emergency purpose. The first one is “Plan B” pills. You can get them without any prescription and from any medical store. These pills are best to be used within three days of having sex.

The other one is called “Ella” and is most effective. But you will need a prescription from your physician to get these pills. Unlike “plan B,” these pills are quite effective after 5 days of sex. The most effective ones are the “copper IUDs”. These are 100 percent effective against pregnancy and thus, need a prescription. These pills are also needed to be taken within 5 days after having intercourse.

2. Short-acting hormonal birth control


As evident from the name, this method works on your hormones. Estrogen and progestin hormones are involved in the pregnancy. Thus, it changes their level to make it less likely for you to get pregnant. But this method is not completely safe as it alters the natural production of your hormones. Therefore, there are some side effects of using this method and all the side effects vary from person to person. The most common after-effect is that you get less painful periods, which is quite good for you.

3. Long-term contraception


This is the most promising contraceptive method that anyone can use. It provides long term effects without much maintenance. So if you do not plan on getting pregnant anytime soon, you can use this method to have a trouble-free life. There are two options involved in this method. The first one is the implantation in your arm. The second one is the IUD (intrauterine device), which is inserted in the uterus. The effectiveness of these preventive methods is 99 percent.

The time period varies from three to ten years. So you can decide on the time you want to enjoy without getting pregnant. The implant and the IUD both works by changing the hormonal levels of your body and thus prevent pregnancy. Both of these methods provide the best results and you don’t even have to put much effort. Only your doctor will have to insert the thing and you can go on with your routine life.

4. One time barrier birth control method


People most commonly use one-time barrier birth control methods. These include condoms, diaphragms, sponges, spermicides and cervical caps. All of these work by preventing the sperm to get in contact with the egg. Thus, it prevents pregnancy. All of these products are only for one-time use and works perfectly fine. Furthermore, you don’t even need a prescription to get them. Apart from the medical stores, you can also get these products from general stores, etc.

These contraceptive products are used during intercourse and not other than that. Moreover, the correct use should be made sure to get complete safety. Although these are considered safe still, the prevention level varies from 71 to 88 percent. It depends upon various factors. For example, if a man is carrying a condom in his pocket for a long time, it might get damaged. Thus, it won’t be as effective. Therefore, the best way to prevent pregnancy is to use them in combination with the other methods.

5. Permanent contraception


Permanent contraception includes vasectomy for men and tubal ligation for women. This method is for those people who never want to have children. For example, they already have 2 to 4 children and do not want to get more. So the best way for them is to get rid of the system completely. Thus, they can enjoy having sex without fear of pregnancy. But this is a permanent treatment and cannot be reversed. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while getting it done.

6. Other methods


Different methods do these hormonal imbalances. The methods include birth control pills that you must take daily. Or you can get a patch that needs to be replaced after every week. Other than that, you can also have a vaginal ring. The vaginal ring needs to be replaced after a month. On the other hand, there are also contraceptive shots that your doctor will give you after every 3 months. All these methods have more than 90 percent of pregnancy prevention.


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