We have a tendency to consume medicines whenever we face symptoms ranging from fever to cold. It’s well stated that fever is not a disease but a symptom that can occur due to environmental change, hormonal change, and much more. But we have become so dependent on medicines that people seek instant results. Researchers have warned people against superbug immunity development in the body when bacteria will become resistant to medications.

So in this article, let us discuss various holistic health misconceptions that can threaten your body. Holistic health is the old way of dealing with diseases, long before medicines, and they have miraculous effects as they believe in treating the organ rather than the symptom.

Some Misconceptions About Holistic Health

Holistic health care is a reliable way to live life and is the perfect place to find best guidance for the same.

Carbohydrates Increase Belly Fat

This sentence is partially correct because just stating carbs does not solve the real issue. There are various types of carbs, which are listed as good and bad carbs; when a bodybuilder is in his bulking phase, he focuses on good carbs. The best thing about such good carbs is that they are broken down by the body and then utilized for tissue repair, making them strangers. While on the other hand, the wrong carbs are the ones that are attained from pizza, burgers, brownies, and a lot more. So it would be best to remember that good carbs can help you gain body fat, whereas bad carbs increase belly fat.

Being Slim Is Being Fit


It’s not necessary that if you do not have belly fat, you are fit, and if you do have a belly, you are unfit. The primary factors determining a person’s fitness are muscle and the condition of major body organs. Muscle strength is crucial because it determines the utilization of proteins in your body and allows your body to heal at full pace. The body’s vital organs are the heart, liver, kidney, and lungs, which make it easier to determine if a person is healthy.

If a person has an unfair heart, then it means he is consuming excess cholesterol; in the case of the liver, it’s either fats or alcohol; for the kidney, it’s being dehydrated or alcohol; and in the case of the lungs, it’s due to smoking or bronchitis. In various instances, organs may pose threats due to genetics, but it is observed in rare cases. There is a difference between being fat and being obese; it depends on the type of fat you consume.

Eating Less Reduces Weight

This sentence isn’t suitable for all users because various users have shown symptoms like irritation due to hunger, weakness, and loss of glucose in the body. So eating less is not the right way to lose weight; the best way to do the same is by having a balanced diet. You need to make alterations in your diet, consume salad once in your meal, and avoid things with more fats and cholesterol. A restriction on oil and spicy items can depict a considerable loss in your body.

The salt and spices tend to water retention, increasing body weight, so your body won’t retain water when you eat less salt.

Dark People Don’t Need Sunscreen


This sentence is wrong; we need to understand that if a person has a darker complexion, he has more melanin in his body, and it has no connection with his skin sensitivity. Being of a lighter face or darker complexion does not affect how sun rays affect your body. Even dark people need to use sunscreen on their bodies because they can also face tanning, which might not be evident in their dark color but damages their skin over time. The sunscreen protects you against the sun’s harmful UV rays, so by using the cream, you are saving yourself from these rays, which can cause diseases like skin cancer.

All Types Of Calories Are Energy

The first thing to be kept in mind is that physics and biology are different subjects, so even the same terminologies can mean other things. Calories in physics mean the transfer of heat, whereas, in biology, it refers to the breakdown of fat molecules in ADP and ATP, which provides energy to the body. So if a brownie has 40 calories and a salad has 40 calories, then choose the salad because it’s healthy calories which would help heal your body.

Drink Eight Glasses Of Water Every Day

This sentence is taught from childhood, and it comes out as a shock when you realize that this is not particularly important. It has been found through various experiments that the amount of water is decided based on how your kidneys work. The water is mixed with blood and collects all the toxic waste filtered through the kidney and then released via urine from the body. So if you have dark urine, you must increase your daily water consumption or drink water after meals and when thirsty.

Holistic Medicines Have No Logical Or Scientific Basis


This statement is wrong because holistic medicines are the natural way of healing the body. People were using these methods long before medicines came into existence, and they are best for long lives. Walking on the dew grass reduces stress, it’s simple acupuncture and drinking water with honey in the morning keeps your digestion and blood clean. A sentence that isn’t written on paper or in a book doesn’t make it wrong.

Holistic Medicines Do Not Treat Diseases

Holistic medicines are a long process and do not provide instant results. There can be various instances when they show far better results in the long term as they focus on healing the organ rather than just focusing on instant symptoms.


Holistic health relies on natural inputs to keep your body healthy, making it much easier to keep organs healthy. These methods include drinking water, eating good fat, and much more. So do not rely on misconceptions, as all it takes is a leap of faith.


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