Modern life tends to be pretty stressful sometimes. Some days we don’t have enough time for sleep, other days we simply have to buy fast food due to the lack of time to cook a proper meal, which of course impacts our health.

It is believed that with each year that goes by, people are getting a bit unhealthier due to these bad habits. In this article, we’re covering some tips on how to reduce stress and have a healthier mind and body.

Reduce stress to the bare minimum

Anxiety, depression and overall stressfulness is also increased by a lot in the past few years. Is it because people got really soft and started stressing out over pretty unimportant things? Maybe, but no matter the reason, there’s no doubt that stress is the biggest factor that causes negative effects in our bodies.

Ask a doctor what the worst disease is and they will tell you it’s being constantly under stress. Take a quick walk outside and you’ll see tons of people at the age of 35-40 that already have some white hair due to a stressful lifestyle.

And then visit a village in the mountains and you’ll see that people at the age of 70 look more vital and younger than almost every person who lives in a city. That’s enough evidence to realize that modern living can sometimes be pretty stressful.

Now, besides white hair and the other negative effects, stress can also impact other things, such as growing your beard. Almost all males want to have a nice, strong beard that will display their manliness. While we’re at it, check out these beard accessories. However, if you are not healthy, and especially if you stress a lot, growing such beard will be pretty impossible. Here’s why.

Stress increases the amounts of cortisol in your body, which is the main hormone that regulates stress levels. And by causing a hormonal unbalance, your testosterone levels get reduced as well. Testosterone is our main hormone that helps with everything manly.

It regulates our strength, the amount of muscle we can build, our endurance and also the amount of beard we can grow. So, as a quick rule of thumb, reduce the stress level to the bare minimum and simply enjoy your life, and you’ll have an amazing beard as a reward as well.

Getting a healthy beard

Now that we’ve covered hormones a bit, there are also some other things that you can do in order to have the perfect beard.

Making sure that your diet is in check is also very important. We mentioned earlier in this text that fast food is definitely not the way to go if you want to be healthy and have a nice and strong beard. So, make sure that your diet is absolutely in check.

Eat as many fruits and veggies as you possibly can, make sure that your diet is high protein and definitely consider adding regular physical exercise as part of your life since it directly increases your testosterone levels.

If you’re really looking to take your beard game to the next level, this Viking beard oil will definitely help a lot. Sometimes we just need a little help, so using a few supplements or accessories is totally acceptable. Beard oils have been around for a very long time and they helped thousandhes of men get the desired look for tir beards.


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