We all know how difficult it is to have a balanced-diet and a healthy lifestyle if we are constantly on our feet and rarely at home. However, we should not allow our dense schedule to prevent us from trying to eat healthier and feeling good in our body. We present you 26 hacks that you can easily apply to on daily basis without spending too much time and still be satisfied with your nutrition and your activities.

1. Do not Shop for Food if You Are Hungry

If you go to the store with an empty stomach, you are more likely to spend more money and buy unhealthy snacks.


2. Try To Drink Water The Moment You Get up in the Morning

If you drink water first thing in the morning and you grow this to be your custom on daily basis, your body will be healthier and your metabolism improved.


3. Eat Slowly and Chew as Much as You Can

This way you will give plenty of time for your stomach to absorb nutrients, and your mind to process that you are satiated.


4. Wash Often Your Pillowcases

According to the scientist, pillowcases are the collectors of dirt and bacteria, which can result in you breaking out in the morning. So make sure you was them at least once a week.


5. Smell Coffee

It is said that smelling coffee in the morning can reduce your stress.


6. Eat from Smaller Plates

It has been proved that using smaller plates affects our food intake which can be reduced up to 20% per meal.


7. Do Some Exercises in the Morning

Losing bad toxins in the morning can help your body opt for healthier choice in the rest of the day.


8. Prepare Food and Store Them in Different Containers

When you find yourself enough time to cook, try to cook more food then you usually do, and divide it in different containers because you will be able to use it later during your week and you will be eating healthier.


9. Use Coconut Oil

It is said that coconut oil is beneficial for plenty of things, your skin, your hair, and in your food. When it comes to food, it should be part of your meal as it improves your metabolism, boosts your energy and controls your blood sugar.


10. Park Your Car a Bit Further From Your Entrance

Walking should be part of your each day, so make it as often as you can. This is a good way to “make” yourself go for a walk.


11. Brush Your Teeth with a Hand that is Not Dominant

This is a good exercise for your brain as it has to use its different parts to conduct a different sort of activity.


12. Avoid Eating in front of the TV

If you eat in front of the TV you will get carried away and eat a lot more than you would usually eat.


13. Drink Warm Water with Lemon Every Day

To avoid shocking your body with cold water, you should drink water at a room temperature. If it’s at your hand, grab a lemon and squeeze it in the glass of water. Lemon is perfect for your body as it helps you lose weight, improve your immune system detoxify your system.


14. If Your Stomach is in Pain, Drink Peppermint Tea

The scent and taste of this beverage will calm your stomach.


15. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is said to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. Green tea has been proved to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol as well as reduce heart-related issues.


16. Add Chia or Flax Seeds to Meals

These ingredients are proved to be beneficial for your digestion. Mix them in yogurt or even in a salad to get a healthy snack or meal.


17. Wear SPF on daily Basis

Sunscreen is said to protect from sun, but from aging as well.


18. Eat an Orange Before Exercising

If you want to lessen soreness in your muscles and gain vitamin C, eat oranges.


19. Drink Infused Water to Detox

Drinking water as often as you can is certainly beneficial, but if you added lemon or cucumber to it you would get nutrients in your glass as well.


20. Put Listerine On A Pimple

Listerine is perfect for your pimples as it dries them out pretty fast and reduces redness.


21. Put Cinnamon in Your Coffee

If you live cinnamon, try putting it in your coffee as it will improve your immune system and lessen blood sugar level.


22. Blow on Thumb to Lower Heart Rate

Considering your thumb has a pulse, if you blow air on it you can speed up your heart beating.


23. Chew Gums to Gain More Energy

Chewing gum can help you with unwinding and reducing your stress level.


24. Socks against Insomnia

If you are having troubles with falling asleep try wearing socks at night, or having a bottle of hot water next to your feet. It will improve your circulation.


25. Exfoliate Every Day

If you want to fight against dead cells on your skin make sure you exfoliate as often as you can.


26. Download SleepCycle App

If you want to improve and get to know your sleeping cycles, download this app and strengthen out your quality of sleep.



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