You have probably already heard that health authorities recommend drinking approximately two liters of water per day to promote general health. Drinking enough water prevents the body from dehydration, flushes redundant bacteria, maintains healthy skin, and even reduces the chances of getting some diseases and cancer. However, drinking sufficient water significantly assists in maintaining teeth and mouth health as well.

Dentists from dental implants Harrisburg NC know just how important water is for our teeth and mouth hygiene, so they have shared with us the benefits of drinking water and a few more reasons to start consuming your eight glasses of H2O daily.

Water Strengthens Teeth

When speaking of water’s ability to make teeth stronger we consider the water enriched with fluoride. Fluoridated water has the potential to restore phosphorus and calcium levels in teeth fortifying their enamel and obstructing decay.

Some research suggests that children who drink fluoride water have fewer chances of tooth cavities due to the constant consumption of fluoride in their bloodstream.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that naturally occurs in water or it can be added later. Also, because of its advantageous properties for teeth, many kinds of toothpaste integrate fluoride.

Keeps the Mouth Clean and Prevents Cavity


Drinking sweetened beverages and sodas and eating different food leaves residues between the teeth and bacteria, especially the bacteria that is particularly harmful to the teeth, which feeds on sugar in the teeth surface causing the cavity.

Bacteria that feed on sugar produce the harmful acid that causes teeth decay. However, drinking a glass of water after meals and during the day dilutes the acidic level in the mouth and rinses the food debris.

Hydrates Mouth and Prevents Dry Mouth

As saliva is composed of 99% water, not drinking enough water causes a dry mouth condition, also known as xerostomia, that provides difficulty when chewing and swallowing. Without enough water, the body can`t produce enough saliva which has the role of keeping the mouth moist properly.

Teeth Enamel Remineralization

Another important property of saliva is its ability to remineralize phosphate, calcium, and fluoride. Water with fluoride and mineral content helps in restoring teeth enamel. Teeth enamel has a higher mineral content than bones, therefore mineralized water helps in maintaining and restoring the mineral levels.

Tap and mineral water contain mineral and fluoride traces while most bottled and filtered waters lack these ingredients. Distilled and reserved osmosis water has absolutely no traces of these minerals.

Freshens the Breath


As food residues and bacterias are one of the reasons for bad breath, drinking water significantly reduces smelly breath by rinsing these detritus. Fighting halitosis with a glass of water is particularly practiced in situations when brushing teeth is less possible, like in restaurants or at work.

Hydrating the Gums

Gums, gingiva, are part of the mouth that surrenders the teeth base. Poor gum health can lead to serious infections, receding teeth, swelling, bleeding, and other conditions that can eventually lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. Drinking water by flashing bacteria, and food residues, and hydrating gums reduce the chances of gum infections.

Prevents Plaque and Dental Tartar

Besides preventing cavities, drinking water flashes and reduces the bacteria film that constantly forms on teeth enamel. This occurrence is called plaque. Plaque also expends under the gums and on teeth roots which can break a bone that supports teeth.

If the plaque accumulates and hardens it forms dental tartar, which can be removed only by the dentist.

Lowers Mouth PH Level

Mouth Ph level is around 7.0. However, acidic and sweet food and beverages significantly reduce mouth-neutral Ph levels, creating ideal conditions for the development and multiplication of bacteria.


The presents of an excess amount of bacteria in the mouth cause different conditions regarding teeth, gum, and mouth health, including already mentioned bad breath, cavity, gum diseases, and others.

As the tap water PH level is also neutral and around 7.0, it promotes mouth PH.

Filtered water can be even alkaline, with a higher PH level, and even more effective in neutralizing the acidity in the mouth.

Additionally, fluoride in water is also a powerful ingredient that reduces PH acidity.

Helps Remove Teeth Stains

Many foods and beverages can leave stains and color out teeth. This includes coffee, smoking, tomato sauce, and even some fruit.

However, drinking water between the bites and sips, and right after consummation of the substance that leaves the stains, can help wash away the residues on enamel preventing the coloring of your teeth’s surface.



As we can see, besides regular teeth brushing and flossing, drinking enough water greatly contributes to healthy teeth, gum, and mouth. Drinking more water will help you prevent numerous teeth and mouth issues while providing a sugar-free refreshment.


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