Every morning you turn on the faucet, and water comes out. Usually, it’s clear, tastes okay, and you probably think no more of it. After all, the government has strict regulations that the water treatment plants must adhere to.

That makes you lucky. There are an estimated 785 million people in the world without access to a basic drinking water service.

However, things are not always as they seem. Even if it leaves the treatment center meets regulation, it can pick up debris and bacteria between the plant and your home. Debris comes from inside the pipes, and bacteria get in via damaged pipes. It’s easy for a small piece of pipe to be damaged without the company is aware. There are too many pieces of pipe to check every day.

This is why so many people decide to have water filter systems fitted in their homes. There are many different types of filters, including activated carbon, reverse osmosis by, and ceramic filters.

Your filter choice will depend on the water quality you live and what you wish to remove from it. But, regardless of which filter system you choose. You’ll find there are 5 distinct benefits.

1. Quality is Known

When the water arrives in your home, you assume it meets the testing standards. But, as explained, this is not guaranteed. There are too many variables between the treatment center and your home to be assured that it is of the same quality.

To know for certain, you would need to test the water before using it. Of course, this is not a practical option. Instead, you can identify the likely issues with your water and choose the filter that removes these contaminants, whether that’s bacteria, parasites, or chlorine.

The result is known quality and peace of mind concerning what you’re drinking.

2. Chemical Removal

Most water treatment plants will add chlorine and fluoride into the water supply. Chlorine is added because it is very effective at killing bacteria. In fact, in gas form, chlorine forms part of the mustard gas that incapacitated so many people during World War II experiments.

It causes blisters to form on your skin and inside your lungs and can be absorbed through your skin or inhalation.

It’s a powerful chemical, and you have to question if you want it in your water that you’re drinking.

Fluoride is also added because it is believed to strengthen teeth and bones, helping to prevent cavities. However, there is also research that suggests fluoride can be linked with an increased risk of cancer.

Whether to remove these chemicals or not is yours, eliminating them can definitely be seen as a benefit of a water filter system.

3. Cost-Effective

If you’re not sure about the quality of your tap water, then you can have a filter fitted or choose to purchase bottled ones every week. But, you’ll need to stop and take a look at how expensive it is. While one bottle may seem cheap, its cost over a month or even a year is surprisingly high.

Purchasing a water filter is the more expensive option initially. In the long term, it is significantly cheaper than purchasing bottles of water every week.

In addition, it’s much easier to use the tap with a filter fitted than it is to keep wrestling with bottles of water, bringing them home every night to keep your supplies stocked up.

Bottled ones need to be bought daily or weekly, and you need to be confident that the bottles are safe. Any plastic bottle with PETs can leach into the water and increase your risk of cancer and other diseases.

In contrast, once you have a filter fitted, all you need to do is check it occasionally to ensure it doesn’t leak and change it regularly. That’s not just more cost-effective, it’s simpler.

4. Confidence

There are times when the government issues boil water advisories. These are simply times when the water supply is contaminated. Boiling it will kill the bacteria, although you’ll have to wait for it to cool before you can drink it, and it will have the flat taste.

This is generally not an option that most people enjoy but one that they need to do to stay safe. However, if you have a filter system in your home, you’ll already be removing the bacteria and other organisms. That means you can continue to drink it safely without having to waste time boiling it every day.

5. Taste

You may have noticed that a freshly poured glass of water has a chemical smell. This is the chlorine and fluoride in the water. It alters the taste of the water.

While you may become accustomed to it, you’ll quickly change your mind once you’ve tasted filtered water. It removes the chemicals from it, eliminating the odor and improving the taste.
You’ll benefit from clear and pure tap water daily, and it will be as easy as turning on your tap.

In short, adding a filter to your home will give you confidence in your water supply. They are straightforward to fit and maintain. Most systems need the filter or filtration method replaced periodically, and that’s it. In contrast, once you become aware of the issues with tap water, you may find that you begin to test it every day.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it will also highlight the issues with it that you never realized existed before. Because the filter performs such an important role in your home, it is good to let the professionals fit it.

Not only will they install it faster than you can, but they’ll also help ensure you’ve chosen the right one for your budget and water needs. That makes them your new best friend, especially as it will help to keep you and your family safe and healthy.


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