If we were to try and find out how many types of coffees exist according to Coffee Corner, more than 50, it would be pretty hard to complete that task. Instead of taking a look at all the types, we are going to take a look at the most popular ones and explain to you how are they being made.You’ll also like the latest article from Daily Barista that talks about our favourite coffees and blends at home and in your local cafe.

1) Caffe Americano

You can make this coffee just by simply pouring the hot water on the espresso coffe. This is how the American soliders made their coffee during the World War II, hence the name of the coffee.


2) Cafe Latte

You can find this drink anywhere you go. It consists of steamed or scolded milk and one shot of coffee. This coffee is often mixed up with the flat white. We are going to explain that one too.


3) Flat White

Again, you are going to need your steamed or scolded milk, but you are not going to pour it over a regular shot of coffe. You are going to pour it over a shot of espresso. That is the main difference between the two.


4) Espresso

If you want to make an espresso, you are going to need a boing water and you are going to shoot it throut finely ground up coffee beans and then pour it in the mug of your choice. It’s actually quite hard to master, but the espresso tastes great once you learn how to make it the right way.


5) Long Black

You need to put the boiling water in your mug, and then put a shot or two of the espresso. If you do it the other way around, you are actually going to make a Caffe Americano.


6) Irish Coffee

Don’t drink too many of these. Why, because it usually contains some kind of whiskey it has a thick layer of cream on the top. You might get a bit tipsy if you go overboard with the Irish coffee.


7) Macchiato

You are going to have one shot of espresso and then you are going to top that off with foamed milk that you put directly into the cup. That’s how you make a proper Macchiato.


8) Mochachino

A „mocha“ is just a latte that is combined with chocolate syrup or powder. Whipped cream is also an option. If you want to introduce your kid to coffee, this is the perfecty type for your children to try out.


9) Cappuccino

The best for the last. It has three layers, the first one is a shot of espresso, the second one is steamed milk and then its all topped off with foamy milk. You can use the chocolate power for the last layer if you want to, it’s going to taste great anyway.



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